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Temporary Employee Housing

Apartments at the university’s Route 281 Property are currently rented. If space becomes available, the online application will be shared on this page.

Program Purpose

SUNY Cortland has a limited number of furnished apartments to rent on a temporary basis to employees before they obtain more permanent housing. This program helps new employees transition to the community, houses visiting scholars and assists current employees in need of temporary accommodation.   


All SUNY Cortland faculty and staff, including visiting faculty and staff, at any point in their career.

Duration of Occupancy

Minimum of two months, maximum of one year. SUNY Cortland will require a 30-day notice before occupants will be released from the housing agreement. 

Tenant must be employed by SUNY Cortland during the length of this rental. If the tenant stops working for SUNY Cortland, the tenant must vacate the property within 30 days. The 30-day timeframe will begin the day after the tenant ceases performing their regular campus duties.

Notification and Selection of Occupants

Occupancy will be on a first-come, first-serve based on receipt of an application. The applicant will be notified when a unit is available. Applications will be required each time a unit becomes available. 


Set at market value, all utilities included. For present market value pricing, please contact the Division of Finance and Management at 607-753-2211.