2012 Research

2012 Research

Research in Outdoor Education Vol. 11: 2012

Editors: Alan Ewert, M. Deborah Bialeschki, Tim O’Connell, Frank Vernon, Michael Gass, Keith Russell, Jim Sibthorp, Anderson Young


 A qualitative exploration of sense of community through reflective journals during wilderness outdoor education curricula

Garrett Hutson, Lynn Anderson, Mary Breunig, Sharon Todd, Tim O'Connell & Anderson Young, alternately of Brock University and SUNY Cortland

Understanding the contribution of wilderness based educational experiences to the creation of an environmental ethic in youth

Trever Waage and Karen Paisley, University of Utah; John Gookin, National Outdoor Leadership School

The role and importance of program quality in outdoor adventure programs for youth: Examining program quality indicators as predictors of outcome achievement among NOLS participants

Rachel H. Collins & Jim Sibthorp, University of Utah; John Gookin, National Outdoor Leadership School

The Development and Validation of the Leave No Trace PEAK Assessment Scale (PAS)

Jennifer Miller & Amy Shellman, SUNY Cortland; Eddie Hill, Old Dominion University

Enhancing social support through adventure education: The case of fathers and sons

Curt Davidson & Alan Ewert, Indiana University

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