2010 Research

Research in Outdoor Education Vol. 10: 2010

Volume 10 of Research in Outdoor Education is now available as an Open Access journal via SUNY Cortland's Digital Commons. 

Editors' Introduction and Acknowledgements

Editors Amy Shellman, Sharon Todd, Jim Sibthorp, Anderson B. Young, Angelique Bovee

Preface, Anderson B. Young


Measuring Positive Youth Development at Summer Camp: Problem Solving and Camp Connectedness
Jim Sibthorp, Laurie Browne, and M. Deborah Bialeschki

Children's Perceptions of an Environmental Leadership Program: Camp 2 Grow
Karla Henderson, Barry Garst, M. Deborah Bialeschki, and David Santucci

Resilience as Experienced by Environmental Educators
Kelly Henderson and Timothy S. O'Connell

Fostering Leadership Through a Three-Week Experience: Does Outdoor Education Make a Difference?
Alan Ewert and Jillisa Overholt

The Importance of Trust in Outdoor Education: Exploring the Relationship Between Trust in Outdoor Leaders and Developmental Outcomes
Wynn Schooter, Jim Sibthorp, and John Gookin

Longitudinal Participant Outcomes Associated with Outward Bound and National Outdoor Leadership School: A Means-End Investigation
Marni Goldenberg, Katherine Soule, Jason Cummings, and Dan Pronsolino

An Employee Perspective of Service in an Outdoor Education Organization: A Means-End Study
Marni Goldenberg, Dan Pronsolino, & David B. Klenosky

Re-Thinking Group Development in Adventure Programming: A Qualitative Examination 
Levi Dexel, Bruce Martin, Laura Black, and Aiko Yoshino

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