2008 Research

Research in Outdoor Education Vol 9: 2008


Editors' Introduction and Acknowledgements

Editors Jennifer Hinton, Jim Sibthorp, Anderson B. Young, Michael A. Anderson. Associate Editors M. Deborah Bialeschki, Camille Bunting, Alan Ewert, Michael Gass, Karla Henderson, Leo McAvoy, Karen Paisley, Charles H. Yaple.

Preface, Anderson B. Young


Quality Youth Development and the Camp Experience:
Results from a Program Improvement Process

M. Deborah Bialeschki

A Means-End Study of Outcome Differences of Females and Males Associated with Outward Bound and National Outdoor Leadership School
Marni L. Goldenberg, Jason Cummings, and Dan Pronsolino

An Exploration of Camp Directors’ Affective Connection to Nature and Camp Programming
Penny A. James, Karla A. Henderson, and Barry Garst

The Effect of Leadership Style on Sense of Community and Group Cohesion in Outdoor Pursuits Trip Groups
Timothy S. O’Connell, Sharon Todd, Mary Breunig, Anderson B. Young, Lynn Anderson, and Dale Anderson

Predictors of Participant Development Through Adventure Programs: Replication and Extension of Previous Findings from NOLS
Karen Paisley, Jim Sibthorp, Nate Furman, Scott Schumann, John Gookin, and Leo McAvoy

An Evaluation of the Impact of a One-Week Summer Camp Experience on Participants’ Social Skill Development
Paul Shirilla, Michael Gass, and Chris Conlon

Long-term Impacts Attributed to Participation in Adventure Education: Preliminary Findings from NOLS
Jim Sibthorp, Nathan Furman, Karen Paisley, and John Gookin

The Impact of Social Support Networks on Adventure Program Outcomes
Jeff Turner


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