2006 Research

Research in Outdoor Education Vol 8: 2006


Editors' Introduction and Acknowledgements

Editors Jennifer Hinton, Jim Sibthorp, Anderson B. Young, Michael A. Anderson. Associate Editors M. Deborah Bialeschki, Camille Bunting, Alan Ewert, Michael Gass, Karla Henderson, Leo McAvoy, Karen Paisley, Charles H. Yaple.

Preface, Anderson B. Young


Collective Meanings of an Outdoor Leadership Program Experience as Lived by Participants

Andy Ballard, Amy Shellman, & Aya Hayashi

The Program Development Process: Developing Optimal Youth Development Environments through the Camp Experience
M. Deborah Bialeschki, Margery M. Scanlin, Michelle Alberti Gambone, & Cynthia L. Sipe

Environmental Sensitivity and Outdoor Recreation Setting Preferences
Tinelle Bustam, Anderson Young, & Sharon Todd

Leadership and L.B. Sharp: Narratives Shared of a Revered Outdoor Educator
Julie A. Carlson

Environmental Desirability Responding: One Possibility in Addressing the Attitude-Behavior Gap
Alan Ewert & Graeme Galloway

Investigating the Long-Term Impact of Adventure Education: A Retrospective Study of Outward Bound Singapore’s Classic 21-Day Challenge Course
Michael Gassner, Abdul Kahlid, & Keith Russell

An Employee Perspective of Service in an Outdoor Education Organization: A Means-End Study
Marni Goldenberg, Dan Pronsolino, & David B. Klenosky

An Investigation of Self-Efficacy in a Freshman Wilderness Experience Program
Jennifer L. Hinton, Danny L. Twilley, & Robin D. Mittelstaedt

Inclusion at Residential Outdoor Environmental Education Centers: A Survey of Current Practices
Kendra Liddicoat, Jim Rogers, & Lynn Anderson

The Influence of a Wilderness Experience Program on Students’ Attitudes toward Wilderness
Betsy R. Lindley.


The Effect of Activities for Effective Processing in an Adventure Education Program on Participants’ Personal Development
Eri Araki, Taito Okamura, & Hiroshi Hamatani

The Wilderness Solo: The Effect of Intentional Design
Andrew J. Bobilya & Kenneth R. Kalisch

Let Safety be Your Guide: A Risk Management Perspective On Challenge Course Programming and Instructor Training
Jon-Scott N. Godsey & Monica L. Godsey

Leadership Development Through an Outdoor Leadership Program Focusing on Emotional Intelligence
Aya Hayashi

Development and Application of a Camper Growth Index (CGI-C)
Karla A. Henderson, Christopher A. Thurber, Leslie Schueler Whitaker, Margery M. Scanlin, & M. Deborah Bialeschki

Connectedness in the Wilderness Experience: Interpretation of Sense of Place During a National Outdoor Leadership School Instructor Course
Garrett Hutson

A Modified Outdoor Adventure Program Serving Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities Who Present Serious Accommodation Challenges
Leo McAvoy, John Smith, John Rynders, & Jeff Jacobs

Power Plays: Nerdy Boys and Influential Girls “Playing” in the Outdoors
Katherine J. Pinch

Developing Sustainable Access to Bouldering Areas
Dan Pronsolino & Marni Goldenberg

Predictors of Autonomy Support at Diabetes Summer Camp: A Self-Determination Theory Approach
Ron Ramsing & Jim Sibthorp

Factors Influencing Participants’ Trust in Outdoor Organizations and Outdoor Leaders
Karen Paisley, Jim Sibthorp, & Wynn Shooter

Predictors of Perceived Development on Courses from the National Outdoor Leadership School
Jim Sibthorp, Karen Paisley, & John Gookin


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