2004 Research

Research in Outdoor Education Vol 7: 2004


Editors' Introduction and Acknowledgements

Editors Karen Paisley, Anderson B. Young, Camille J. Bunting, and Kelly Bloom

Preface, Anderson B. Young


A Mixed Method Investigation of the Solo in a Wilderness Experience Program
Andrew J. Bobilya, Kenneth R. Kalisch, Leo H. McAvoy, and Jeffrey A. Jacobs

Environmental Sensitivity and Experience Preferences in Outdoor Recreation Participation
Tinelle Bustam, Anderson B. Young, and Sharon L. Todd

The Effect of Outdoor Experiential Programs upon Environmental Beliefs: Do They Make a Difference?
Alan Ewert

Understanding the Role of Spirituality and Theology in Outdoor Environmental Education: A Mixed-Method Characterization of 12 Christian and Jewish Outdoor Programs
Gregory E. Hitzhusen

The Impacts of Satellite Phone Technology on a North Carolina Outward Bound School Experience
Tommy Holden

The Relationship Between Summer Camp Employment and Emotional Intelligence
Jeffrey A. Jacobs, Leo H. McAvoy, and Andrew J. Bobilya

Sense of Community on Integrated Wilderness Trips: A Pilot Study
Timothy S. O'Connell and Mary C. Breunig


Motives for Participation in College-Based Outdoor Adventure Programs
Andrew G. Bentley

An Exploration of Meaningful Involvement in Ropes Course Programs
Kathy Haras and Camille J. Bunting

The Effects of Intentional Recreation Programming on Internalization of Type I Diabetes Management among Adolescents
Eddie Hill and Jim Sibthorp

Photovoice: Capturing Campers' Perceptions of the Outdoor Experience
Jennifer Johnston

Focusing In; Using Photo Elicitation to Explore the Meanings of Outdoor Experiences
T. A. Loeffler

Using Experience Sampling Method to Understand the Environment for Reflective Learning
Taito Okamura

Exploring the Role of Reflection in the Pedagogy of Outdoor Education
Tony Rea

Analyzing Student Journals to Identify Themes from a Summer Field Study
Amy L. Sheaffer

Learning Styles of College Students Enrolled in an Experience-Based Outdoor Leadership Program
Amy Shellman and Alan Ewert

Self-Determination and the Adventure Experience: A Study of Female Adolescents
Sydney L. Sklar and Heather Gibson

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