2002 Research

Research in Outdoor Education Vol 6: 2002



Milestones in Outdoor Education
Anderson B. Young 


Reynold E. Carlson: A Distinguished Pioneer in Outdoor Education
Joel Meier


Effective Practices and Participant Outcomes for Youth: Inclusive Camps and Outdoor Schools
Steve Brannan, Joel Arick, & Ann Fullerton

Qualitative Outcomes for Youth Who Participate in Inclusive Programs: A Multi-Case Analysis Across 14 Camps and Outdoor Schools
Ann Fullerton, Steve Brannan, & Joel Arick

The Adventure Model: A Replication Study to Determine If Different Adventure Skills Support the Model
Ken Gilbertson & Alan Ewert

Using Means-End Theory to Understand the Outdoor Adventure Experience
Marni Goldenberg, Leo McAvoy, David Klenosky, & Tom Holman

Leader Integration Competencies and Staff Training in Adventure Programs
Leo McAvoy, Jim Roehl, & John Rynders

An Analysis of Outdoor Leaders' Ethics Guiding Decisions
Denise Mitten

Meta-Analytic Research on the Outcomes of Outdoor Education
James T. Neill

Multidimensional Self-Concept and Outdoor Adventure Education with Adolescents
Timothy S. O'Connell

If the Dress Fits, Wear It: Uncovering Meaning in Gender Stereotyping in an Australian Outdoor Education Program
Katherine J. Pinch

Difficulty and Ability: Staff Member Perceptions of Seasonal Staff Training
Gwynn M. Powell, Robert D. Bixler, Deborah M. Switzer, & Karen P. Hurtes

Motivations of Elderhostel Participants in Outdoor Adventure Programs: A Life-Cycle Perspective
Deborah M. Sugerman

The Relationship of Motivation Factors to Level of Development in Outdoor Adventure Recreationists
Sharon L. Todd, Lynn Anderson, Anderson Young, & Dale Anderson

Developing Outdoor Leaders: Paul Petzoldt's Perspective
Mark Wagstaff & Christine Cashel

Outcomes of Camping: Perceptions from Camper Focus Groups
M. Deborah Bialeschki, Amy Krehbiel, & Karla Henderson


The Relationship Between Program Components and Outcomes: Participants' Perceptions of an Outdoor Adventure Student Orientation
Cheryl K. Baldwin, Harry Zinn, & Linda Caldwell

Ten Years of Challenge Course Research: A Review of Affective Outcome Studies
Camille J. Bunting & John Donley

An Examination of the Effects of Experiential Education in a Cross Cultural Context on the Moral Reasoning of High School Students
Jordana DeZeeuw

Development and Validation of an Outdoor Leader Experience Use History Instrument
Shayne Galloway

Grappling with the Theoretical and Measurement Issues Involved in Assessing the Impact of a Combined Adventure/Social-Cognitive Prevention Program on Violent Behavior
Aleta Lynn Meyer

The Awareness Activation Model for Transfer of Learning in Experiential Settings
Ron Ramsing & Karen P. Hurtes

Youth Development Outcomes of Adventure Program Perceptions
Marge Scanlin

A Multivariate Model of Adventure Program Perceptions
Jim Sibthorp & Eddie Hill

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