2000 Research

Research Symposium Proceedings: 2000



What Have We Been Doing?
Anderson B. Young

Keynote Presentation

Components of the Outdoor Trip: What Really Happens?
Alan Ewert, Ph.D. (Convener)

Study 1
Jim Sibthorp

Study 2
Erin K. Sharpe

Response 1
Joel Meier, Re.D.

Response 2
Leo McAvoy, Ph.D.

Response 3
Ken Gilbertson, Ph.D.

Research Recommendations
Nina S. Roberts, M.S., and Shane Galloway, M.S.

Concluding Comments
Alan Ewert, Ph.D.


Testing the Adventure Recreation Model: A Replication with Subjects Involved in a Required Outdoor Experience
Lynn Anderson, Ph.D., Dale Anderson, M.S., and Anderson Young, Ph.D.

Cultural History Interpretation in Adventure Education: Promoting "Landfull" Experiences
Molly Ames Baker

The Effects of a Public School System's One Day Adventure Experience
Harlan Eagle, Ed.D., Janelle Gordon, B.S.W., and Lindy Lewis, M.S.W.

Outdoor Adventure and Health: Supporting Empirical Data
Camille J. Bunting, Ph.D.

The Use of Adventure Programming in Traditional Substance Abuse Treatment Programs: An Exploratory Investigation
Ricardo Moraes, M.S.

Trends and Issues in Not For Profit Camping
Deborah Bialeschki, Ph.D., Karla Henderson, Ph.D., and Kate Dahowski, M.S.R.A.

Benefits and Components of an Inclusive Adventure Program for Families with Children Who Have a Disability
Kathleen Scholl, Leo McAvoy, and John Smith

Leadership Development and Youth Camping: Determining a Relationship
Rachelle H. Toupence and Dr. Christine D. Townsend

The Impact of Camp Programs on Children with Disabilities: Opportunities for Independence
Ann Fullerton, Steve Brandon, and Joel Arick


Developing Life Skills Through Adventure Education: A Qualitative Study
Jim Sibthorp

The Effects of Environmental and Adventure Education Programs on the Wilderness Attitudes of Japanese Early Adolescents
Taito Okamura

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