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1998 Research

Research Symposium Proceedings: 1998


Building the Research Foundations of Outdoor Education
Karen M. Fox, Leo H. McAvoy and Anderson B. Young

Articles & Abstracts

An Integrative Review of the Literature on Women in the Outdoors

Karla Henderson and Nina Roberts

Factors Affecting the Personal and Social Outcomes of Organized Camping
Marta K. Moorman

Self-Efficacy and Adventure Programs: Transferring Outcomes to Everyday Life
Todd Paxton and Leo A. McAvoy

Validity and Reliability of the Outdoor Education Practicum Questionnaire
Thomas James Quinn

Outdoor Leader Self Awareness and Its Relationship to Co-Leaders' Perceptions of Influence
Mark C. Wagstaff

"A Sense of Competence." Re-conceptualizing Issues of Competence for Women in Outdoor Education
T.A. Loeffler

Validating Predictors to Determine Optimal Adventure in Whitewater Kayaking
Chris D. Jones and Steven J. Hollenhorst

Pitfalls to Avoid in Adventure Education Outcome Research
Jim Sibthorp

Efficacy of a TR Self-Esteem Program for Adolescents with Emotional Disturbances in a Treatment Setting
Ramon B. Zabriskie

Learning Outdoor Recreation Skills in a Safe Place: Lessons from a Single-Sex Program
Deb Jordan

Evaluating Short Term and Long Term Retention of Experiences Associated with an Interpretive School Field Trip
Jim Sibthorp and Doug Knapp

Controversial Issues in Adventure Education
Tom Potter and Scott Wurdinger

The Future of Research in Outdoor Education
Simon Priest

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