1996 Research

Research Symposium Proceedings: 1996


Strengthening the Foundations of Outdoor Education
Anderson B. Young and Leo H. McAvoy

Articles & Abstracts

Research in Outdoor Education: Our Place on the Porch
Alan Ewert

Outdoor Education and the Schools
Bert Horwood

Outdoor Education and Spirituality
Tom Smith

Ethical Frameworks, Moral Practices, and Outdoor Education
Karen M. Fox and Mick Lautt

Providing an Authentic Wilderness Experience? Thinking Beyond the Wilderness Act of 1964
William T. Borrie and Joseph W. Roggenbuck

Person-Place Engagement Among Recreation Visitors
Iris B. Wilson

Responsible Environmental Behavior: Metaphoric Transference of Minimum-Impact Ideology
J. Porter Hammitt and Wayne A Freimund

Group Development and Group Dynamics in Outdoor Education
Leo H. McAvoy, Denise S. Mitten, L. Allison Stringer, James P. Steckart, and Kraig Sproles

A Research Summary for Corporate Adventure Training (CAT) and Experience-Based Training and Development (EBTD)
Simon Priest

A Research Update of Adventure Therapy (1992-95): Challenge Activities and Ropes Courses, Wilderness Expeditions, and Residential Camping Programs
H. L. "Lee" Gillis and Donna Thomsen

Integrating Outdoor Leadership Education into the Academic Setting
Pamela E. Foti

Interactive Behaviors Between Students and Instructors in the Outdoors
Christine Cashel

"Kind of in the Middle": The Gendered Meanings of the Outdoors for Women Students
Karla A. Henderson, Sherry Winn, and Nina S. Roberts

The Current Status of Women's Employment in Outdoor Leadership
T. A. Loeffler

The Permanency of a Specific Self-Concept
Alan N. Wright

Evaluating the Impact of Environmental Interpretation: A Review of Three Research Studies
Doug Knapp

Personality Preferences of Outdoor Participants
Christine Cashel, Diane Montgomery, and Suzie Lane

Teaching and Evaluating Outdoor Ethics Programs: Setting a Research Agenda
Bruce E. Matthews

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