1994 Research

Research Symposium Proceedings: 1994

Preface & Keynote Presentations

Building a Research Community for Outdoor Education
Anderson B. Young

Outdoor Education Research: Implications for Social/Educational and Natural Resource Policy
Alan Ewert and Leo McAvoy

Methods, Measures, and Madness: Possibilities for Outdoor Education Research
Karla Henderson and Karen Fox


The Influence of Outdoor Education on Curriculum Integration: A Case Study
Bert Horwood

Outward Bound: The Congruence of Principles and Practice
Cheryl A. Estes

Multicultural Education Through Shared Adventure
Alan N. Wright

The Great Outdoors and Beyond: Common Threads in Leadership Training on Land, in the Air, and in Space
Cheryl Irwin and Maurice Phipps

Learning About Ethical Outdoor Leadership
Karen Fox and Mark Reed

The Relationship of Continuum Scaling Scores and Certainty Scaling Scores on the Outdoor Situational Fear Inventory
Anderson B. Young, Thomas Quinn, Thomas W. Steele

The Status of Evaluation in ACA Accredited Camping Programs
Karla A. Henderson and M. Deborah Bialeschki


Moods of Outdoor Short Course Participants
Chris Cashel

Moods of 3-Week and 5-Week Outdoor Expedition Participants
Pamela E. Foti and Suzanne R. Daiss

Anxiety and Outdoor Adventure: A Study of State Anxiety and Activity Performance
Ben F. Tholkes

Wilderness Leadership Training: Influence on Judgment and Decision Making
Mike McGowan and Rogene McKiernan

How Deep Ecology and Critical Social Theory Come Together in Outdoor Travel Guiding: On the Discovery of Being a Researcher
Bob Henderson

Camp Peregrine Research: An Investigation of the Development of Environmental Empathy
Diana Sweet Wilson

On Evaluating Environmental Education
Ilka List

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