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1992 Research

Research Symposium Proceedings: 1992

Invited Presentation & Summary Discussions

Research in Outdoor Education: Individual and Personal Growth
Simon Priest

Summary of Individual/Personal Growth Discussion

A Bigger Piece of the Puzzle: The Restorative Experience and Outdoor Education
Lisa V. Bardwell

Summary of Environment Discussion

Research in Outdoor Education: Group Development and Group Dynamics

Leo H. McAvoy, Denise S. Mitten, James P. Steckart, L. Alison Stringer

Summary of Group Development and Group Dynamics Discussion
Therapeutic Uses of Adventure-Challenge-Outdoor-Wilderness: Theory and Research
H.L. (Lee) Gillis

Summary of Therapeutic Uses Discussion

Research Papers (Refereed for Proceedings)

Outcome of Adventure Program Participation by Adolescents Involved in Psychiatric Treatment
Jeffrey P. Witman

Optimal Experience Among Campers in a Resident Camp Setting
M. Deborah Bialeschki and Karla A. Henderson

The Adventure Based Counselor as a Group Counselor
Jaclyn S. Gerstein

A Psychological Rationale for Adventure Therapy with Hospitalized Adolescents
H.L. Gillis, Alan Williams, Helen Hollis

Fear in Outdoor Education: The Influence of Gender and Program
Anderson B. Young and Alan Ewert

Research Abstracts (Refereed for Presentation at Symposium)

Outdoor Leadership: A Question of Ethics
Karen M. Fox and Leo H. McAvoy

Neuroendocrine Reactivity During the Naturalistic Stress of an Outward Bound Course
Camille J. Bunting, Cynthis Kuhn, Redford B. Williams

Phenomenological Study of Wilderness Experience and Human Development
Maurice Legault

The Impact of Corporate Adventure Program
William J. Quinn and Robert Vogl

Facilitators: One Key Factor in a Successful Experience-Based Training and Development Program
Richard J. Wagner and Christopher C. Roland

Evaluation of a Comprehensive Challenge/Adventure Program for Sexually Abused/Exploited Youth
Thomas E. Smith

The Impact of Total Employee Participation in an Experiential Training and Development Program, or Corporate Adventure Training Program, on the Corporate Work Climate
Simon Priest

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