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2014 Research

2014 Research

Research in Outdoor Education Vol. 12: 2014

Editors: Alan Ewert, Yun Chang

Reviewers: M. Deborah Bialeschki, Jim Sibthorp, Tim O’Connell, Frank Vernon, Keith Russell, Alison Voight


People in Nature: Relational Discourse for Outdoor Educators

Thomas Beery

Exploring the Social Impacts of a Summer Camp for Youth with
Tourette Syndrome

Michael Griswold, C. Boyd Hegarty, Chris Harrist, Nate Trauntvein, David Griswold

A Longitudinal Study of Rural Youth Involvement in Outdoor Activities Throughout Adolescence: Exploring Social Capital as a Factor in Community-Level Outcomes

Jayson Seaman, Erin Hiley Sharp, Sean McLaughlin, Corinna Tucker, Karen VanGundy, Cesar Rebellon

Group Social Climate and Individual Peer Interaction: Exploring
Complex Relationships on Extended Wilderness Courses

Benjamin Mirkin

The Development and Scaling of the Teaching Outdoor
Education Self-Efficacy Scale.

Scott Schumann, Jim Sibthorp

Energy Expenditure in the Backcountry

Mandy Pohja, Cara Ocobock, John Gookin