Research in Outdoor Education

Research in Outdoor Education - The Journal

Beginning in 1992, the Coalition for Education in the Outdoors published a peer-reviewed journal titled Research in Outdoor Education (ROE). ROE initially featured papers presented at the Biennial Research Symposium, but eventually moved to being an outdoor education journal under contract with publishing companies. Although its latest publishing partnership ended in 2020, back issues of ROE are now available to the public through Open Access on SUNY Cortland's Digital Commons, including access to Volumes 1-17 of the Research in Outdoor Education journal.

While long-term solutions are being investigated to continue disseminating ROE, a short-term solution was created in 2022 in conjunction with the Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership (JOREL) to publish a special issue of reviewed papers from the 15th Biennial Research Symposium. JOREL's Vol. 14 No. 4 (2022): Special Issue: Coalition for Education in the Outdoors: Research in Outdoor Education is now free and open access. 


Coalition for Education in the Outdoors Research Symposia Abstracts