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Department Mission and Goals


Communication Disorders and Sciences Strategic Plan 2022-2029


As an integral part of the SUNY Cortland community, the Communication Disorders and Sciences Department provides diverse learning experiences that foster academic and clinical development of competent speech-language pathologists who will be engaged citizens with a strong social conscience.


The department faculty supports students’ academic, personal, social, and cultural development by teaching them to act with:

  • Professional competence
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • High ethical standards
  • Cultural humility
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Contributions to the greater good of the community


The Communication Disorders and Sciences Department at SUNY Cortland will be recognized for its outstanding education of undergraduate and graduate students in speech-language pathology through exemplary teaching, research, and clinical experiences.

Strategic Plan:

The Faculty is charged with overseeing these goals and the actions taken to fulfill them. The Faculty will consistently discuss, monitor, and modify the process of achieving them. Ad Hoc Committees will be formed as needed.

Goal One - Academic Excellence

  • Provide a relevant and engaging curriculum
  • Use effective and innovative delivery methods
  • Develop and maintain appropriate facilities
  • Create a culture of continual improvement

Goal Two - Transformational Education

  • Provide intentionally-designed, highly effective educational opportunities that challenge how students see themselves and the world
  • Expose students to new environments, cultures, perspectives, and knowledge
  • Challenge them to reflect, acknowledge their self-efficacy, and expand their understanding and skills to be more engaged agents in their lives and their communities

Goal Three - Well-being

  • Promote the physical, emotional, cultural and social well-being of our students
  • Determine areas of greatest need and respond with policies and procedures that recognize the well-being of each individual is critical to our strength as a whole
  • Strive for inclusivity, collaboration, respect, and care
  • Acknowledge contributions to the community
  • Hold ourselves accountable for supporting a positive climate

Goal Four - Maximize Resources

  • Commitment to sustainable resources
  • Be fiscally responsible, thinking about efficiency while maintaining excellence
  • Communicate clearly about resource allocation
  • Maintain a dedication to responsible use of natural resources and consideration of our impact on our environment


Strategic Plan 2022-2029






Action Required or Activities or Strategies

Indicator of success or Assessment Measures and Criteria


Target Completion Date


Resources Needed

Person Responsible for oversight









Academic Excellence


Culture of continual improvement

1. To increase student’s knowledge of plagiarism.

a.  Directed study followed by online quiz


100% of students obtain score of 9 or better






Copying, paper, duplicating

Department Chair






2.  To improve student advisement

a.  Hold bi-weekly meetings for each cohort

Bi-weekly meetings held for each cohort


Room for meeting, WebEx link, paper, duplicating

Grad Coordinator




Transformational Education


a. Intentionally-designed, highly effective opportunities

3.  To enhance student’s educational development


a.  Provide exposure to professional information (professional conferences—national, state, local, guest speakers in classes


Offer at least one educational opportunity per semester


Room for conference, advertising

Department Chair, Faculty








b. Expose students to new environments, cultures, perspectives, and knowledge

4. Provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge about international experiences

a. Present in bi-weekly meeting





Discuss in one session












Study Abroad presentation





Grad coordinator







5. Provide international experience

Work with Study Abroad office to develop an international sister program

Contact with program


Student exchange



Chair, Grad Coordinator






c. Put in Graduate Manual

Put in international section



Grad Coordinator



3.  Well-being

a. Promote physical, emotional, cultural and social well-being

6. Weekly exercise opportunities

Organization of a physical activity one day/week at Student Life Center

50% student participation

Spring semester, 2024

Contact with trainers at SLC




4. Maximize Resources

a. Commitment to sustainable resources

7. Using less paper and printing in the department

Salvageable paper printed only on one side can be used in certain instances for notes

60% faculty participation, putting reusable paper in designated box


8 ½ x11 paper cut into quarters, paper cutter in office, box for resized paper





b. Be fiscally responsible, thinking about efficiency while maintaining excellence

8. Online record- keeping as opposed to hard copy

Access to SharePoint, discussion about content

100% faculty participation


Faculty discussion, SharePoint folderes





c.   Communicate clearly about resource allocation

9. Keeping faculty involved day to day in this goal


Notes in faculty minutes regarding paper and folders


Faculty minutes