GE Committee Minutes
March 17, 2008


Present at meeting: Mary McGuire; Joy Hendrick; David Miller; Mark Worrell, Donna West; Ron Conklin, Merle Canfield, Nancy Aumann


Minutes from February 18, 2008 � Last paragraph from minutes are to be revised with the names of those reviewing categories. Only categories up for review are 2, 5, and 6. David Miller will review Category 2, Joy Hendrick will review Category 5, and Mark Worrell will review Category 6. Minutes were approved unanimously subject to the changes.


Mary McGuire presented a sample letter about the review process for a category. The second paragraph addressed the modification to the letter. The main concern was regarding the wording about failure to comply with the requests about the review may mean a course �may be dropped from the GE program.� There were concerns that the wording should be changed or dropped from the letter. After discussion and a vote, it was agreed to keep the wording in the letter.


In the third paragraph, the word �electronic� needs to be changed to �digital�. Bottom of second page: change �copy of your course syllabus� to �copy of each syllabus�. Last page: after the closing, should read GE Subcommittee for review of the GE 2 Category.


Merle Canfield gave out several items related to the new assessment plan and the current assessment plan.


  1. Letter from Patricia Francis regarding: Call for Triennial Updates of Campus General Education Assessment Plans and Reports on Closing-the-Loop Activities
  2. SUNY Cortland General Education Assessment Plan 2008/09 � 2010/11
  3. Letter from Patty Francis approving our modification to individual faculty members to develop measures within their own courses. These are still subject to review and validation
  4. SUNY GE Assessment Review Group Review Form (questionnaire)
  5. �Tips� for completing questionnaire above
  6. Letter to the Arts about assessment for GE 8
  7. Proposal letter for assessment for GE 9 (Foreign Languages)
  8. Proposal letter for assessment for GE 10 (Basic Communication)


Under the GE Assessment Plan from item 4 above, page 8, Item II. A. we are to show how the assessment process and results for 2005-2008 with used to bring �Changes in Curricular Programs and Pedagogy. It was suggested that we survey faculty to see if anyone used the results to make pedagogical changes.


David Miller asked whether there is funding available for second graders as part of the 20% validation of assessment scores for GE assessments. Merle said it is available.


ENG 254, Introduction to American Working-Class Literature proposal for acceptance as GE 11 course was approved unanimously.


Nancy Aumann gave out a proposal for SOC 335, Technology and Society proposal for acceptance as GE 12 course. It will be voted on next meeting.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Ron Conklin