GE Committee Minutes
February 18, 2008


Present at meeting: Mary McGuire; Joy Hendrick; Susana Davidenko; Mark Prus, Donna West; Ron Conklin, Merle Canfield


Minutes from February 4, 2008 � Minutes were approved unanimously.


Proposal from Arts was sent to Mary with the requested changes to embed the GE outcomes in the syllabi and agree to do assessments if requested. Contingency approval had been voted on for these courses at our last meeting after receiving the changes. ATS 108 Fibers I � Surface Design and ATS 208 Fibers II � Weaving have now complied with our request.


Mary received word about the proposal for ENG 258 Irish Women Writers that had been approved contingent on the embedding of GE outcomes in the syllabus and agreement to do assessments if requested. They have agreed to comply with the request but Mary had not received the changes yet.


Merle Canfield has received approval from Patty Francis for use of the pilot process for assessing the outcomes within our current assessment plan. The current assessment plan indicates that essays will be used or To Be Determined (TBD). He wants to use American History, The Arts, and Foreign Language which have TBD as an option.


This is further progress on the request made previously. He enhanced the wording and descriptions, identifying the 2 methods of assessment to be used in place of the current essay method.


Joy requested that a rationale/description of how the measure meets the outcomes be presented by the faculty members who will adopt the new methods of measurement. This will help to determine that the measure does what is intended before the measure is done. It should also help when we have to report results.


Unanimous approval was given to Merle to send out the �modified� plan.


Mary brought up the issue of category review. Requests for review are based on the GE category. It is not by our choice.


Mark Prus suggested that we ask for specific explanations about how the outcomes are being met for each category as they are reviewed.


Susanna, Donna, and David are working on last year�s reviews. Mary will send a request for details from the Chairs of those categories that are under review.


Categories that are up for review next year are 2, 5, and 6.


Mary assigned the categories to committee members and will oversee the progress. David Miller will review Category 2, Joy Hendrick will review Category 5, and Mark Worrell will review Category 6. (Revision)


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Ron Conklin