GE Committee Minutes
February 4, 2008


Present at meeting: Mary McGuire; Joy Hendrick; Mark Worrell; David Miller; Donna West; Ron Conklin, Merle Canfield


Proposal for ENG 258 Irish Women Writers to be considered for GE 7 was handed out. It had also been sent by email.


Joy Hendrick questioned whether there was an acknowledgement of possible responsibility of assessment of the students to validate meeting the GE 7 criteria.


Contingent approval was given based on the acknowledgement of assessment and also embedding the GE 7 criteria in the course syllabus.


Proposal from Arts, ATS 108 Fibers I � Surface Design and ATS 208 Fibers II � Weaving was sent to us to read since our last. These are name changes from ATS 111 Fabric Design and ATS 105 Weaving I. Both were approved for GE 8 as ATS 111 and ATS 105.


Contingent approval was given based on the acknowledgement of assessment and also embedding the GE 8 criteria in the course syllabus.


The two contingent approvals triggered the suggestion that we modify the online form and instructions for submitting a proposal also include the request to embed the GE criteria into the syllabus for the course when submitted to the GE committee for approval.


Joy Hendrick and David Miller suggested the possibility of having a FAQ section on the web site.


Merle Canfield provided the committee with a draft copy of the General Education Assessment Plan 2008-09-2010/11 for SUNY Cortland.


Merle said the plan was mainly the same plan as before but with more specificity regarding how faculty will have more control over the assessment measure. Merle referenced the plan to allow faculty to use portions of tests and or assignments that can be validated as having met the GE criteria.


Merle also said that faculty will be able to submit the final grade as the assessment. There was much discussion about whether that had been agreed to in a previous meeting. Most of us did not think that was what was agreed to and questioned whether the SUNY System would approve the final grade. Merle said that was already approved by Patty Francis.


Given that the new plan will need to be approved by the Faculty Senate and also need to go to the Steering Committee, Merle was asked to develop a one-page summary identifying the changes being proposed for the next assessment cycle. This will help identify the specifics and possibly improve the likelihood the process will move forward faster.


Merle will also send us the notice of approval from Patty Francis and the letter he sent requesting our last modification based on the �To Be Determined� wording in the current plan.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Ron Conklin