GE Committee Meeting-December 2, 2008

Members present-Merle Canfield, David Miller, Claus Schubert, Valerie Jones, Joy Hendrick, Nancy Aumann, Bruce Mattingly

Members absent-Amber Murphy

Meeting Outline, approved minutes from last meeting

Item A, Reviewed amendments to Kathy Russell�s GE requests-� Kathy Russell did make recommended changes and Provost approved but the course� did not make it into next years� Catalog as a GE approved course.

It was suggested that at the end of any GE document there should be links to current and relevant information. (this was a suggestion for Items B, C, and D.)

It was suggested that the entire GE process be converted to an electronic format. (this was a suggestion for Items B, C, and D.)

Item B, Reviewed letter that informs faculty that their course is going to be reviewed in the upcoming year.

There were several suggestions on syntax, grammar and word choice.� Merle will take draft back, fix suggested changes, and send it out to the committee to comment on.� Then he will send this out by Friday.�

Questions were raised about the flexibility if a courses� assessment is not approved.� The answer was no

Item C, Reviewed letter for faculty involved in spring 08 assessment.�� This is sent to GE 4,8, 9, and 10B.

Part of the assessment process requires faculty to review past assessments and review the information as a means of improving current pedagogy.� This requires faculty to make a committee which informs departments of assessment results.� They are then required to answer the questionnaire.� It is suggested numerous faculty provide input.�� In the past Merle has formed these sub-committees.� Bruce and Merle will work on finding faculty for these sub-committees.� Merle indicated that ICC will need more representation and some of the categories are across disciplines which is problematic.�

Several suggested changes to the questionnaire.� These included removing Question 4, changing the deadline, and the deletion of a couple sentences.

Item D, GE course proposal form-Nancy made suggested changes to form.� It was suggested that everything be standardized.�

Item E, Two new course proposals. Committee is to review both for next meeting.�