GE Committee Minutes
September 14, 2007


Present at meeting: Mary McGuire; Joy Hendrick; Nancy Aumann; Susana Davidenko; David Miller; Mark Prus; Donna West; Mark Worrell; Ron Conklin, Merle Canfield


Mary McGuire led the meeting and her first order of business was to determine who would be the Chair for the current year. It was suggested that she had done a great job in the past and the committee would like her to continue. Mary agreed to chair the committee.


Donna requested that any email messages be sent to her home email account.


Dave Miller suggested that a shared folder on the campus server be set up for communications of the committee rather than using hard copy formats.


Mary asked Nancy about prior reviews and where they are at in the process. Nancy said that the review was done and needs to go to the State.


Nancy suggested changes to the General Education Course Proposal Form. She will submit a form with the proposal for us to review and make additional change suggestions. There is a plan to have the form online so it can be completed online. Dave suggested a link from the form to the GE requirements.


Mary asked for us to submit times when we can meet as a committee.


Merle brought a list of SUNY assessments that need to be done and reported for this year.


A question about our role in reporting to the SUNY System was raised. Do we need to do any follow up on a report once it is submitted? Should we follow up?


As far as the campus process is concerned there were additional questions about the process. Should we provide opportunity for the GE faculty to discuss the GE requirements and how the process is going?


Merle suggested having one person to oversee and assessment category for each of the categories.


Another suggestion was to have a committee to develop the assessment prior to implementing an assessment.


Mary asked whether assessment instruments are developed currently for the categories. Mark Prus said there are.


Merle said that the assessments are being done but in some cases faculty do not want to give the assessments to their students. He also said the assessments could probably be handled differently in some areas.


Mary suggested that the discussion could continue via email.


Donna has agreed to continue as the all college assessment committee member.


A question was raised about the specific nature of the role of the GE committee for clarification. Some brief discussion took place around this before the meeting had to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted,




Ron Conklin