GE Committee Minutes
April 28, 2008


Present at meeting: Mary McGuire; Joy Hendrick; David Miller; Mark Worrell, Susana Davidenko, Ron Conklin, Merle Canfield, Nancy Aumann


John Hartsock was in attendance to answer any questions about the Communications Studies proposal for Communications History (COM 200) to be accepted as a Category 5 GE course. No questions were asked of John. The proposal was accepted unanimously.


Mary McGuire asked how category reviews were going and whether any had been received. Joy Hendrick and David Miller said they had not received any yet. Mark Worrell had received some response. They all agreed to follow up on the reviews as needed.


Merle Canfield brought another draft of the General Education Assessment Plan 2008/09 � 2010/11 for SUNY Cortland for our review and approval.


Suggested addition to page 4, top paragraph, sentence about reliability rater was that a following sentence be added � �In the event of discrepancy of validity a third rater may be used.�


Susanna asked about the assessments and whether the GE committee is responsible for verifying the assessments are valid. How much oversight do we have in the assessment ad hoc process?


Most of us were in agreement that oversight of the various ad hoc committees was unrealistic and that the guidelines and meetings we were having with Merle were intended to provide that oversight. Additionally, the validity of the assessment outcomes should provide evidence that the criterion for the categories would be met.


An additional concern was about receiving feedback from faculty who had to assess their courses. We moved that the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA) be charged with setting up meeting opportunities for faculty who participated in the previous assessment for the purpose of analysis of the process and results the following semester.


It passed unanimously.


A suggestion that refreshments at the GE category assessment work group meetings might help improve attendance so Joy Hendrick agreed to write an assessment grant to request funding for the meetings.


Mary McGuire did not think there would be a need for an additional meeting this semester but would contact us if one was necessary.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Ron Conklin