GE Committee Minutes
October 29, 2007


Present at meeting: Mary McGuire; Joy Hendrick; Nancy Aumann; Susana Davidenko; David Miller; Mark Prus; Donna West; Mark Worrell; Ron Conklin, Merle Canfield


Minutes from October 15, 2007 � Amendments to minutes suggested. Corrections were spelling errors and using SUNY System instead of �State�. Motions made to accept minutes as amended. Approved, one abstention.


Merle Canfield presented his latest revision of the GE Assessment plan. Mary indicated that Merle needs to present to the Steering Committee first. We will review the plan at our next meeting and then it will go to the Faculty Senate.


Revision is delayed until our next meeting. It was also suggested that Merle notify faculty who teach GE courses of the potential of participating in the assessment next spring. Additionally, considering the time constraints, the current assessment methods should be used again next spring (2008).


Nancy Aumann presented her latest revisions to the GE Course Proposal Form which is expected to be posted online when revisions are complete.


Item I. C. contains revised wording.


There were questions about revising the Guidelines for Review of New Courses, Item 6 (Special topics � 29 course numbers). Mark Prus said that other colleges have special topic courses that are GE so the SUNY System should not be opposed to Cortland having some. There was some confusion about the wording about special topics so this Item was improved.


Additional changes were made to the last sentence of the top paragraph of the GE Course Proposal Guidelines to direct the reader to Item 6. This is related to special topics as well.


Nancy will send the form via email again with the new changes and the committee will vote via email.


This process was accepted.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Ron Conklin