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Student Recognition

ACE Scholars

Starting with this year’s graduates, ACE will now recognize the group of students who have earned the ACE Letter of Recommendation as ACE Scholars.  To become an ACE scholar students must still meet the guidelines below.

To receive the ACE RECOMMENDATION and become an ACE Scholar students must:

  • Attend at least TWELVE qualifying ACE EVENTS during their time with the ACE program. (There are two groups of ACE events: Required and Additional activities. Students must attend 8 from the required group and 4 from the additional group. See below for examples of both types)
  • Maintain at least a B range GPA throughout their years in high school. (B- to A+) 

In order for students to reach this goal by the fall of their senior year (for college applications) it is recommended they attend at least 4 programs each year leading up to the senior year.  Students are welcome and encouraged to do many more than 12 ACE events. They may attend as many programs as they like and can fit into their schedules. The more you attend, the more you benefit from being a member of ACE. Most students receiving the ACE Recommendation have done 15-20 events by the end of 12th grade. A few have over 30.

Required Group

Additional Events

Summer Programs

College Theater

ACE Grade Level Campus Visit

Gallery Talk and Tour

Regional Institutes

Individual Campus Tours/Admissions Visit

Welcome Orientation

Campus Events

Schools of Thought

TC3 and Auburn College Fairs

Outstanding Senior Award

Each year ACE awards two of our ACE students with the Outstanding ACE Senior Award.  Each recipient will receive $500 at his/her school award ceremony. 

This award is given to a student who:

  • Is an ACE Scholar
  • Maintains ACE event participation even in his/her senior year
  • Provides a service to ACE or his/her ACE community
  • Completes the application essay
  • Completes at least 18 ACE events throughout their high school career (14 from the required group of activities)
  • Completes an application

Please encourage your ACE students to participate in as many ACE-related activities as possible in order to be eligible for this award by his/her senior year.  If there are questions please feel free to contact the ACE Office or your school liaison.