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Smart & Good H.S. Study

Smart & Good High Schools book coverSmart & Good High Schools is a national study of high schools—including site visits to 24 diverse schools, hundreds of interviews, a comprehensive research review, and the input of a National Experts Panel and a National Student Leaders Panel. The report offers a vision of educational excellence and nearly 100 promising practices for building 8 strengths of character that help youth lead productive, ethical, and fulfilling lives.

Featured in Education Week Commentary editorial (Nov. 14, 2007)

Reviewed by Journal of Research in Character Education

Reviewed in Education Week (Dec. 14, 2005)

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Report Summary

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Praise for Smart & Good High Schools


“A brilliant blend of research, conceptual clarity, and real-world best practices.
Journal of Research in Character Education

"The genius of the Smart & Good High Schools report is that it uses a character-based approach to address school's two most important outcomes: academic skills and personal and civic virtues. This should  have a huge impact on schools and kids." –Patrick Bassett, President, National Association of Independent Schools 

“A treasure trove of useful practices."
—David Streight, Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education

"This ground-breaking study will change forever how we think about the high school experience and what it means to be a great high school that truly meets the needs of all its students."
–Kristin Danielson Fink, Executive Director, Community of Caring

"This is the most promising pathway for genuine transformation of high schools that I have seen."
–Maurice Elias, CASEL