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In honor of Non-Traditional Students’ Week, which took place from Nov. 7 to 11, the campus community was asked to recognize students who balance college with family, jobs and other commitments. 

Faculty, staff members and students submitted 40 names, with some students receiving nominations by more than one person.

This program is sponsored by Advisement and Transition with assistance from an Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) grant.

A certificate of recognition and an Auxiliary Services Corporation gift card will be given to the following students in recognition of their hard work and commitment:

Casee Auby

Barbara Bachmann

Elizabeth Balfour

Marissa Bykowski

Mical Cadden

Amy Chaffee

Catherine Crossway

Heather Dengler

Rebecca Elliott

Sean Every

Adam Graham

Jacqueline Graves

Valorie Gunther

Chris Hagquist

Jenifer Haskins

Sherry Howell

William Jones

Mackenzie Klump

Douglas Langhans

Babbett Lehmer

Zachary Machuga

Kendra Mancuso

Virginia Martelli

Jade Mills

Alfred O'Connor

Tammera Oplinger

Amy Riotto

Jack Short

Erica Thursz

S. Brian Van Gorder

Jan Washington

Heatherlee Wickwire

For more information, contact Cheryl Hines, advisement and transition, at (607) 753-4726.