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College Honors Accrual Achievement Award Winners

The Human Resources Office announced the recipients of its Annual Accrual Achievement Awards for Classified Service. These employees have used one day or less of sick leave accruals during the 2010-11 fiscal year.

The employees will receive a letter from President Erik J. Bitterbaum, a certificate of recognition and a $25 gift certificate to the Cortland Downtown Partnership.

The program was created to recognize classified employees who use minimal amounts of sick leave and to encourage other employees to build up sick leave balances. The awards will be distributed on Friday, Oct. 28. Those employees who will receive the award are:

Robert Albro
John Aldrich
Walter Anderson
Dale Argyle
Ronald Benda
Chauncey Bennett, III
Gregory Bliss
Tanya Brayton
Renato Bervetti
Ellen Brown
Stacey Buckley
Dana Bush
Susan Bush
Frances Bushaw
Giuseppe Canzano
Duane Card
Kathleen Card
Wayne Carroll
Vicki Clark
Lucinda Compagni
Barbara Conrad
Michele Cornelius
Roger Cornelius
John Coye
Judy Daniels
Deborah Dintino
Ella Dorman
Francis Evangelista
Barbara Field
Burton Fritts
Carol Gridley
Katherine Gustafson
Kathleen Hudson
Marilyn Jones
Sandra Kline
Nancy Kuklis
Gary Lansdowne
Jane Leonard
Dawn Linn
Jo-Ann MacLean
Greg McCartney
Valerie McConnell
Kathy McCracken
Diana McGee
Donald Moody
Denise Morse
Rhonda Moulton
Marcia O’Loughlin
Rosemary Ottenschot
William Parente
Linda Parker
Linda Parmiter
Michael Partigianoni
Ruth Partigianoni
Claire Payne
Linda Pedrick
Edith Pennell
Gregory Peters
Darlene Phillips
Steven Phillips
Connie Piech
Donna Poole
John Reynolds
Steven Rolfe
Joan Root
Rosemary Root
Elizabeth Scott
Russell Scott
Mitchell Seamans
Pamela Schroeder
Shirley Shepard
LouAnne Simons
Lawrence Smith
Nadia Snell
Lynn Stevens
Joseph Stockton
Kathleen Stockton
Mark Taylor
Melony Warwick
Dortha Weaver
Joyce Willis
Gary Withers
Patricia Wolff
Teri Wood
Kenneth Woodworth