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Teaching Fellowship in Australia

John Selvaggio ’05

Bayport, N.Y.

In 2007, John Selvaggio became our second teaching fellow at Chancellor State College, where he taught junior/senior high school physical education in grades 7-12. 


Jaime Atencio ’09

Queens, N.Y.

Jaime Atencio is currently pursuing his fellowship until December 2010 at Mountain Creek State Primary School, the largest primary school in the State of Queensland.


As a SUNY Cortland teacher education alumnus, you have the opportunity to become a paid teaching fellow in the Sunshine Coast region of Queensland, Australia.

A teaching fellowship allows you to be employed for 12-18 months as a teacher in one of the partner schools. You will become immersed in the schools and culture of Australia and will work full time with a tight-knit faculty, learning new teaching techniques and strategies within a collegial and supportive atmosphere.

You will apply for this competitive program through SUNY Cortland’s Clark Center for International Education and will be interviewed and selected by Australian school officials.

The Australian school year begins in January and ends in December. School vacations are usually two weeks at various points during the school year, with a six-week summer recess. Altogether, Aussie schools have 212-220 school days per year, nearly a month more than U.S. schools.

These fellowships offer you a comparative education perspective on both similarities and differences with U.S. public schools. You will return to the U.S. with a deeper understanding of what it means to live and teach within a different culture. The impact of this experience provides a rich context for your further professional development as globally-experienced teacher.

For more information about the program, please contact Marley Barduhn, SUNY Cortland’s assistant provost for teacher education and U.S. co-director of Australia student teaching, at (607) 753-5433.