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TEC Assessment Committee


The Teacher Education Council Standing Committee for Teacher Education Assessment is responsible for examining our existing Teacher Education Candidate Assessment System (T.E.C.A.S.) and reviewing existing teacher education assessment systems from NCATE-related and other exemplar institutions.  This Standing Committee is constituted to specifically address the following:

  • Assist in developing a plan and system for the Teacher Education Unit to incorporate TaskStream and other information technology to support the unit and improve its assessment system.
  • Reflect the conceptual framework and incorporate candidate proficiencies outlined in professional and state standards.
  • Provide regular and comprehensive data on program quality, unit operations and candidate performance at each stage of its programs.
  • Establish fairness, accuracy and consistency of assessment procedures and unit operations.
  • Regularly determine reliability, freedom from bias and validity of existing assessments.
  • Regularly examine the validity and utility of the data produced through assessments by which program modifications may be informed.
  • Ensure that the Unit is transparently using assessment results to improve student learning and make changes in its practices consistent with these results.
  • Routinely disseminate results of Unit assessments to the campus and public.

The Committee will also develop a plan to involve the greater professional community to regularly evaluate the capacity and effectiveness of our teacher education assessment system and create an annual schedule depicting routine unit assessments.

Overall, the work of the committee will result in the development of aTeacher Education Assessment Handbook for the teacher education unit.

Committee Members-2011/2012                     

Andrea Lachance, Chair

Lynn Couturier

JoEllen Bailey

Dennis Farnsworth

Amy Schutt

Merle Canfield

Douglas Weiczorek

Approved Unit Assessments 

Unit Assessment-Advanced Candidate Assessment of Student Learning 

Unit Assessment-Initial Candidate Assessment of Student Learning  

GR Teacher Candidate Dispositions 

UG Teacher Candidate Dispositions 

Unit Assessment Upon Completion of an Advanced Program 




Teacher Education Assessment Handbook


2011-2012 (Meeting Schedule TBD)