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Conceptual Framework Committee

TEC Conceptual Framework Committee

The SUNY Cortland Conceptual Framework provides the foundation upon which all teacher education programs at SUNY Cortland are organized and guides curricular development .  The Conceptual Framework:

...”gives conceptual meaning to the unit’s operations through an articulated rationale and provides direction for programs, courses , teaching, candidate performance, faculty scholarship, and service and unit accountability. “    NCATE Glossary, 2008

In 2002 over a period of four years, a previous subcommittee created our existing Conceptual Framework which was approved by the Teacher Education Council on January 15, 2003.

The TEC Ad Hoc Committee on the Conceptual Framework is charged with reviewing the existing NCATE Conceptual Framework and involving the campus in productive dialogue and discussion about future changes and revisions.  Theoretical underpinnings and philosophical bases should be included in the review.    All members of the Teacher Education Unit, as well as colleagues and departments providing relevant coursework for teacher education programs, and other interested parties, should be included in this effort to yield wide consensus on the Conceptual Framework as an accurate representation of our Teacher Education Unit and programs. 

The Conceptual Framework Committee should work in collaboration with the Standing Committee on Teacher Education Unit Assessment, which is charged with developing a unit-wide assessment that will include the revised Conceptual Framework.

The committee is also charged with developing an educational and dissemination plan to include all faculty, both full, part time and adjunct, to ensure broad recognition and use of the Conceptual Framework, with consideration given to newly hired personnel and how best to orient them to our Teacher Education Unit.

2011-2012 Committee Members                          2011-2012 Meeting Dates

Joy Mosher, Chair

Brian Barrett

Angela Pagano

Diane Craft

Katina Sayers-Walker

Mary Ann Murphy


2010 SUNY Cortland Conceptual Framework

Meeting Minutes