Prefix Number Course Name
AED 300 Introduction to Teaching Secondary Social Studies
AED 301 Pre-Practice Teaching Seminar
AED 309 Participant-Observer Experience - Writing Process
AED 310 Writing in Social Studies
AED 323 Seminar for Field Observation Foreign Language in the Secondary Schools
AED 341 Introduction to English Language Arts
AED 376 Student Teaching English in Middle School
AED 377 Student Teaching English in the High School
AED 391 Introduction to Adolescent Education
AED 391 Introduction to Adolescence Education for Social Studies Majors
AED 392 Methods I  Teaching Adolescence Mathematics
AED 402 Student Teaching Seminar
AED 408 Teaching Writing
AED 409 Participant Observation
AED 437 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language in the Middle, Junior and High School
AED 439 Teaching Adolescence Education Foreign Languages
AED 441 Methods of Teaching Literature and Critical Literacy
AED 442 Methods I Teaching the Sciences in the Middle and Secondary Schools
AED 443 Methods II Teaching the Sciences in the Middle and Secondary Schools
AED 444 Laboratory Practicum
AED 445 Student Teaching Adolescence Education Science
AED 492 Methods II Field Experiences in Adolescence Education Mathematics
AED 493 Student Teaching:  Adolescence Education-Mathematics
AED 494 Student Teaching:  Adolescence Education-Mathematics
AED 541 Teaching Literature and Critical Literacy
AED 576 Practicum II Student Teaching in Middle School
AED 577 Practicum II Student Teaching in High School
AED 600 Introduction to Adolescence Education
AED 601 Methods I Teaching Adolescence Mathematics
AED 602 Methods II Field Experiences in Adolescence Education Mathematics
AED 619 Young Adult Literature
AED 642 Methods I Teaching the Sciences in the Middle and Secondary School
AED 643 Methods II Teaching the Sciences in the Middle and Secondary School
AED 645 Student Teaching Adolescence Education - Science
AED 663 Research in the Teaching of English
Prefix Number Course Name
Prefix Number Course Name
ATR  521   Contemporary Issues in Athletic Training
Prefix Number Course Name
BIO 201  Biological Sciences I
BIO 202  Biological Sciences II
BIO 210 Cell Biology
BIO 301 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 302 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 310 Field Biology
BIO 312 Genetics
BIO 319 Biological Literature
BIO 412 General Ecology
Prefix Number Course Name
CHE 221  General Chemistry I
CHE 222 General Chemistry II
CHE 301 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 310 Analytical Chemistry
CHE 340 Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 361 Introduction to Research in Chemistry and Biochemistry
CHE 431 Physical Chemistry I
CHE 451 Biochemistry I
CHE 477 Advanced Laboratory I
CHE 500 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHE 505 Polymers and Macromolecules
CHE 529 Innovation and Invention
CHE 540  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 
Prefix Number Course Name
Prefix Number Course Name
Prefix Number Course Name
ECE 270  Introduction to Early Childhood Education
ECE 315 Critical Media Lit - Val-Ed-and-Soc
ECE 330 Observation and Assessment of Young Children
ECE 331 Curriculum Development I
ECE 332 Preschool Practicum
ECE 333 Children, Families and Their Community
ECE 334 Infant and Toddler Curriculum
ECE 431 Curriculum Development II
ECE 435 Literacy Across the Curriculum
ECE 479 Integrated Curriculum Planning, Technology and Practicum
ECE 490/491 Student Teaching I & II
ECE 492 Seminar in Student Teaching
ECO 105 Political Economy and Social thought
ECO 110 Principles of Macroeconomics
Prefix Number Course Name
EDL 613  Principles of Financial Leadership
EDL 615 Education Law
EDL 616 Principles of Curriculum Leadership
EDL 618 Field Studies in Educational Leadership
EDL 656 Principles of Public School Finance
EDL 657 Principles of Organizational Leadership
EDL 678 Strategic Supervision and Leadership
EDL 680 Principal Leadership
EDL 680 (2) Principal Leadership
EDL 683 Principles of Special Program Leadership
EDL 685 Facilities Maintenance and Management
EDL 690 Principles of School District Leadership
EDL 699  Culminating Seminar
Prefix Number Course Name
EDU 255 Basics of Effective Instruction in Physical Education
EDU 256 Seminar in Field Experience
EDU 303 Fine Arts and Early Learning
EDU 315 Critical Media Lit:  Val, Ed, and Soc
EDU 326 Methods and Materials of Health Education - Level I
EDU 355 The Physical Education Curriculum, Planning and Practice
EDU 373 Teaching Elementary School Mathematics
EDU 374 Teaching Elementary School Science (An Integrated Curriculum Active Learning Approach to Teaching
EDU 378 Social and Academic Curriculum I
EDU 379 Inquiry Into Curriculum, Technology and Teaching
EDU 426 Methods of Materials of Health Education - Level 1
EDU 533 Introduction to Middle Childhood Education
EDU 454 Pre-Student Teaching Conference in Physical Education
EDU 455 Student Teaching Seminar in Physical Education
EDU 456 Student Teaching in Physical Education
EDU 470 Foundations of Education I - American Culture
EDU 471 Foundations of Modern Education
EDU 479 Integrated Curriculum Planning, Technology and Practicum
EDU 480 The Social and Academic Curriculum II
EDU 488 Student Teaching
EDU 492 Seminar in Student Teaching
EDU 498 Health Education Seminar
EDU 499 Student Teaching in Health Education I and II
EDU 510 Inquiry into Teaching, Technology and Research
EDU 512 Teaching Elementary School Mathematics
EDU 513 Teaching Elementary School Science
EDU 524 Democracy and Social Education
EDU 575 Teaching Health Education
EDU 610 Advanced Topics and Mathematics Education
EDU 630 New Media in the Classroom
EDU 631 Curriculum Construction in Health Education
EDU 632 Seminar in Health Education
EDU 637 Seminar in Methods of Second Language Teaching
EDU 656 Classroom Applications of Child Development
EDU 657 Elementary School Practicum and Research Seminar
EDU 658 Classroom Organization Theory and Practice
EDU 664 Health Education Seminar
EDU 670 Foundations of Education
EDU 671 Foundations of Education
EDU 688 Health Education Seminar
EDU 689 Graduate Student Teaching in Health Education I and II
Prefix Number Course Name
ENG  203  Introduction to Poetry 
ENG 307 New Media Literacies and ELA
ENG 325 American Literature Before 1900
ENG 326 American Literature Since 1900
ENG 355 Major Figures in British Literature to 1780
ENG 356 Major Figures in British Literature 1780 to Present
ENG 374 Young Adult Literature
ENG 407 Study of the English Language
ENG 433 Shakespeare
ENG 504 Seminar in the Composing Process - Rhetoric and Analysis 
ENG 505 Participant-Observer Experience - Composing Process
ENG 506 Computers and the Study of English
Prefix Number Course Name
ESL  300  Theoretical Foundations of Teaching English as a Second Language
ESL 301 Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language
ESL 302 Applied Linguistics for Teachers of English as a Second Language
ESL 400 Teaching Reading in Second Language Classrooms
ESL 401 Methods of Teaching ESL Writing
ESL 402 Teaching English as a Second Language in the Content Areas
ESL 403 Second Language Testing and Assessment
Prefix Number Course Name
EXS 197   History and Philosophy of Physical Education and Sport
EXS 297 Motor Behavior
EXS 387 Biomechanics
EXS 397 Exercise Physiology Lecture
EXS 558  Physiological Principles of Conditioning for Sports
Prefix Number Course Name
FRE  307  French Through the Media
FRE  310  Pratique de la Lecture
FRE 311 Francophone Literature
FRE 315 Intro to French Literature I - MA, 16th, 17th Centuries
FRE 316 Intro to French Literature II - 18th, 19th, 20th Centuries
FRE 318 French Civilization
FRE 319 Francophone Civilization
FRE 353 Linguistics
FRE 415 La Literature du 18 Siecle
FRE 417 Romanticism & Realism
FRE 419 Literature of the 20th Century - French Cinema
FRE 423 Short Story
FRE 503 Advanced Grammatical Structure of French/Teaching French Grammar
FRE 504 Teaching French Civilization
FRE 506 Teaching French Literature
FRE 515 Beur and Beyond
Prefix Number Course Name
FSA 101  Introduction to Urban Education
FSA 103 Gender, Race and Class Issues in Education
FSA 210/211 Principles of Inclusive Education/Inclusive Field Experience
FSA 280/281 Perspectives on Disabilities: Child, Family, School, Community and Practicum
FSA 400 Foundations of Education: The School in American Society
FSA 410 Inclusive Education Pedagogy
FSA 420 Inclusive Education Field Seminar
FSA 430 Assistive and Adaptive Technology
FSA 436 Assessment and Instruction of Learners with Special Needs
FSA 490/491 Student Teaching I & II
FSA 492 Seminar in Student Teaching
FSA  505  Sociology of Education
FSA 525 Teaching the Inner City Child
Prefix Number Course Name
GLY 261  Physical Geology 
GLY  262  Historical Geology
GLY 301 Mineralogy
GLY 302 Petrology
GLY 363 Invertebrate Paleontology
GLY 367 Geomorphology
GLY 371 Meteorology
GLY 397 Physical Oceanography
GLY 410 Hydrogeology
Prefix Number Course Name
GRY 120 Cultural Geography
GRY  370  Will the World Provide? 
GRY 481  Teaching the Geography of New York State
Prefix Number Course Name
HIS 101  The World Since 1500
HIS 110 Western Civilization I
HIS 111 Western Civilization Since 1715
HIS 200 US History to 1877
HIS 201 History of the United States, 1877 to the Present
Prefix Number Course Name
HLH 120 Responding to Emergencies
HLH 199 Critical School Health Issues
HLH  203  Community Health
HLH  210  Wellness and Health Promotion
HLH 265 Health and the Child
HLH 302 Human Sexuality Education
HLH 345 Parenting Education
HLH 367 Drug Problems: Intervention and Prevention
HLH 492 Chronic and Communicable Disease
HLH 494 Assessment and Evaluation of Health Programs
HLH 510 Proseminar Health Foundations
HLH 530 Family Life Education for the Classroom Teacher
HLH 601 Research Methods in Health Education
HLH 635 The School Health Program
HLH 694 Assessment and Evaluation: Health Education and Promotion
Prefix Number Course Name
ICC 523  Integrating Technology in the Second Language Classroom 
ICC 529 English Grammar for TESOL
ICC 620 Materials and Techniques for Teachers of English as a Second Language
ICC 621 Linguistics for Language Teachers
ICC 622 Theory and Practice of Bilingual/Multicultural Education
ICC 623 Second Language Acquisition: Theory & Research
ICC 624 Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language
ICC 627 Teaching Reading: Second Language Context
Prefix Number Course Name
LIT  371  Teaching Elementary School Reading & Language Arts I
LIT 372 Teaching Elementary School Reading & Language Arts II
LIT  449  Literacy in the Middle and Secondary School, Grades 5-12
LIT 516 Teaching Literacy in the Intermediate Grades
LIT 528 Language and Literacy Development
LIT 539 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
LIT 540 Current Issues in Assessment and Instruction Birth to Grade 6
LIT 549 Literacy in the Middle and Secondary School
LIT 550 Current Practices in Literacy Assessment and Instruction, Grades 5-12
LIT 560 Children's Literature in the Curriculum
LIT 570 Young Adult Literature
LIT 610 Seminar in Literacy History, Instruction or Research
LIT 630 Literacy and Society
LIT 669 The Literacy Specialist and the Literacy Program
LIT 682/683/684 Assessment and Instruction of Learners Experiencing Literacy Difficulties, Birth-Grade 6 and Grades 5-12
Prefix Number Course Name
MAT 101  Concepts of Elementary Mathematics I
MAT  102  Concepts of Elementary Mathematics II
Prefix Number Course Name
PED 181  Adventure Activities
PED 182  Health Related Physical Fitness
PED 187 Track & Field
PED 189 Aquatics
PED 201 Motor Development
PED 283 Racket Activities
PED 284 Self Defense
PED 285 Gymnastics Activities
PED 288 Rhythms and Dance
PED 308 Outdoor Adventure Education for Teachers
PED 356 Adapted Physical Education and Sport
PED 366 Basketball
PED 368 Football
PED 371 Soccer
PED 372 Softball
PED 380 Skill Acquisition of Team Sports
PED 381 Tactical Concepts of Team Sports
PED 434 Statistics and Assessment
PED 530 Introduction to Adapted Physical Education
PED 610 Readings in Physical Education
PED 611 Research Methods in Physical Education
PED 613 Philosophy, Principles and Techniques of Coaching
PED 621 Curriculum Construction in Physical Education
PED 622 Research on Teaching Effectiveness in Physical Education
PED 623 Assessment of Curriculum & Instruction in Physical Education
PED 625 Lifespan Motor Development
PED 633 Inclusive Coaching Methods and Programs
PED 635 Instructional Strategies in Adapted Physical Education
PED 636 Curriculum and Measurement in Adapted Physical Education
PED 651 Comprehensive Examination Seminar
Prefix Number Course Name
PHY 150  Astronomy 
PHY 186 Introductory Programming
PHY 201 Principles of Physics I
PHY 202 Principles of Physics II
PHY 203 Principles of Physics III
PHY 357 Intermediate Laboratory
PHY 410 Modern Physics
PHY 420 Classical Mechanics
PHY 450 Electricity and Magnetism
PHY 505 Energy and Sustainability
PHY 530 Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
PHY 550 Intermediate Astronomy
PHY 559 Advanced Physics Laboratory
PHY 565 Solid State Physics
PHY 575 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
PHY 576 Physics of Renewable Energy Technologies
POL 100 Introduction to American Government
Prefix Number Course Name
PSY 101 Introductory Psychology
PSY 231 Child Psychology
PSY 232  Adolescent Psychology
PSY 331 Psychology of Children with Exceptionalities
PSY 332 Educational Psychology
PSY 350 Psychology of Language
PSY 360 Overview of the Performance Evaluation System
PSY 432 Psychology of Learning Disabilities
PSY 433 Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Classroom Settings
PSY 501 Advanced Educational Psychology
PSY 533 Advanced Developmental Psychology
Prefix Number Course Name
REC 601  Research and Evaluation I 
REC 602 Recreation Research and Evaluation II
REC  603  Historical, Philosophical, and Theoretical Perspectives of Recreation and Leisure
Prefix Number Course Name
SCI 142  Integrated Physics and Chemistry
SCI  699  Master's Project - Inquiry Curriculum Design
Prefix Number Course Name
SHH 270  Introduction to Communication Disorders 
SHH  280  Phonetics 
SHH 281 Speech Science
SHH 283 Introduction to Hearing Science
SHH 300 Normal Language Development
SHH 370 Disorders of Articulation and Language
SHH 371 Fluency and Voice
SHH 383 Basic Audiology
SHH 475 Technology in Communication Disorders
SHH 477 Diagnostics
SHH 480 Clinical Practicum I
SHH 481 Clinical Practicum II
SHH 483 Aural Rehabilitation
Prefix Number Course Name
SPA 305  Spanish Conversations and Composition
SPA  306  Advanced Spanish Conversation
SPA 307 Advanced Spanish Grammar
SPA 308 Advanced Spanish Composition
SPA 318 Hispanic Civilization: Spain
SPA 319 Latin American Civilization and Culture
SPA 353 Linguistics
SPA 604 Teaching Hispanic Civilization
SPA 606 Teaching Hispanic Literature
SPA 615 El Romanticismo Espanol Y Su Legado
Prefix Number Course Name
SPE 270  Introduction to Special Education
SPE 510 Teaching the Special Education Learner in the General Education Classroom
SPE 610 Advanced Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction of Students with Disabilities
SPE 620 Discipline and Social Skill Development
SPE 630 Students with Disabilities in Context
SPE 640 Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities
SPE 650 Autism Spectrum Disorders
SPE 651 Understanding and Conducting Educational Research
SPE 652 Master's Project
SPE  683  Special Education Administration
SPE 690 Internship: Teaching Students with Disabilities
SPE 691 Seminar: Teaching Students with Disabilities
Prefix Number Course Name
SPM 536  Digital Video Analysis
SPM 537  Advanced Digital Video 
SPM 538 Applied Digital Video Analysis