• At the end of each quarter, the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office forwards an election form to each cooperating teacher who has hosted a student teacher.  The cooperating teacher elects his/her compensation (either a $200 cash stipend OR a $250 tuition waiver certificate).  The cooperating teacher returns the completed and signed election form to the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office for processing.

  • Effective immediately, all SUNY institutions must have a completed Federal W-9 tax form on file for each cooperating teacher, administrator, and/or internship host in order to properly process stipend/tuition waiver certificates and any other honoraria or earnings.  Our office will only need to collect the completed/original W-9 form once, which will be stored at our SUNY Cortland Business Office. 

  • As mandated by the State, the stipend check is mailed to the cooperating teacher at his/her home address from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.  The tuition waiver certificate is forwarded to the cooperating teacher at his/her school address, unless there are other instructions from school district administration. 

  • Since only one cooperating teacher will be compensated by the State of New York, only one teacher can receive an election form.  If a student teacher has been hosted by more than one cooperating teacher in a quarter, they must complete an affidavit identifying which cooperating teacher will be compensated. The affidavit, considered a legal document, is verified by the college supervisor and is kept on file in the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office.