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Welcome back, students!

The International Programs Office hopes you had a wonderful, rewarding experience abroad.  Now that you are back , please complete Module 2 of Dr. Bruce LaBrack's "What's Up with Culture" online tutorial. Please be aware of the Ten top Immediate Reentry Challenges by Dr. Bruce LaBrack.

Wondering how to turn your study abroad experience into a job or internship? Make sure to visit Life After Study Abroad for resources to help you continue to benefit from your time spent abroad. 

Complete the Online Evaluation for your Program! Please take the time to complete our online evaluation of your program.  Your feedback is essential so that we may maintain and further improve upon the quality of our international programs. We believe that by completing this evaluation it will also serve to help you reflect upon your experience.

 A few notes about the online evaluation:

  • Click on the link below to access the evaluation.
  • You will need to set up a login and password to enter the evaluation. This is so you can re-login to finish the survey at a later date/time.
  • You will be forwarded to the page you were at when you exited. 
  • To leave the evaluation at any point just close out of your browser. To reenter the survey, simply click on the link again.
  • Questions marked with a red asterisks * are mandatory- only a few questions are mandatory, most are optional.
  • The majority of questions are yes/no or multiple choice. There are many places throughout the evaluation for optional additional comments.
  • Total time for the evaluation is between 10- 25 minutes depending on the amount of additional comments provided.
  • You may only complete the evaluation only once.

 Please check your email and your program's official Facebook page for the link to the online evaluation.

 Thank you in advance for your help in assuring quality programming for future participants!

  Also, we welcome you to become involved in any of the following international on-campus organizations. 

  • Become a peer mentor to another student going abroad. Interested students can send an email to
  •  Become a Cortland Study Abroad Promoter (CSAP):  you will be trained by International Programs staff to help you develop presentation skills.  Then, you will visit SUNY Cortland classes to promote our numerous study abroad programs and to share your unique experience abroad with other interested students. Take a look at the Program Description & fill out an Application!
  •  SUNY Cortland's Conversation Partners Program Visit the list of Active Clubs and Organizations for more information on:
  • Model United Nations
  • La Familia Latina
  • ACME (Asian Cultural and Media Experience)
  • International Awareness Club
  • Write articles for NeoVox (SUNY Cortland's award-winning international college student magazine) 

Need a transcript to document your experience abroad? Please contact the SUNY Cortland's Registrar's Office


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