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World Cultures and Communication

India: World Cultures and Communication (COM 329)

Brand new 3-credit Winter ’14 class – Unlike Any

It is unlike any because it is India – where East meets West and Modern walks arm-in-arm with the Ancient. It is unlike any because India also is the birthplace of the largest ancient human civilization – the Indus Valley Civilization. It is unlike any because India gave birth to one of the largest religions of the world, Buddhism, and also because India is home to over 1,000,000,000 followers of the Hindu Faith.

It is unlike any because India is home to Taj Mahal – an emperor’s love for his wife immortalized in sparkling white marble. It is unlike any because it is also in India that Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, British, French and Portuguese influences meld to form a cultural tapestry that is, well, Unlike Any anywhere else in the world.

The class is a unique and powerful blend of communication, newspapers, television, radio, film, music, dance, drama, art and culture. The class trip will cover South as well as North India and will take in sites in cities such as Delhi, Aligarh, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Chennai, Pondicherry and Chidambaram. 


Delhi Dance     Varanasi Boats on the Ganges     Mamallapuram Dance

Travel to India and experience how a billion people in the world's largest and most vibrant democracy live, communicate, dance and make music.

Taste the incredible diversity of South and North Indian food and see firsthand the custom, culture, religion, newspapers, television, radio, universities, government, cultural institutions and Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian shrines of India.

Be a part of the world's largest movie-making industry.

Take in the Taj-Mahal and tour ancient temples and monuments.

City, Country

Cities of Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Chennai, Mamallapuram, Chidambaram - India 
Session Winter 2014 
Dates January 1- January 20th, 2014 
Requirements 2.5 GPA 
Application Deadline

Deadline: October 15th
Download, complete, and return to SUNY Cortland:

Please complete and submit the SUNY Study Abroad Application **Only one academic reference is required. Academic reference must be from faculty other than Dr. Pasha.

Non-Cortland students must return completed Judicial Review and Code of Conduct forms along with the SUNY application.

Travel Information Tentative Itinerary
Program Costs

Tentative 2014 Budget

PLease note: The budget is based on ten participants will be adjusted up or down if there are more or less than ten.

Accepted students will receive an updated budget as a part of their acceptance packet.

Program Course Information

This multi-disciplinary program entails the exploration of interpersonal, mass, digital, print, electronic, applied, specialized and other communication concepts, forms and modalities as they intersect religion, culture, & music during a 14 day, 6 city tour of India.

Course Syllabus **Coming Soon

Various two to three star hotel accomodations throughout the country. Breakfasts included. 
Contact Information

Faculty Leader: Professor Syed Pasha

Study Abroad Advisor: Gonda Gebhardt