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Fulda University

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Fulda University is located in one of the most beautiful baroque quarters in Germany. The picturesque Old Town of Fulda has timbered houses and winding cobbled lanes with cozy cafes and restaurants.

German language courses are offered for all learners from basic to advanced. In addition to these courses, a variety of seminars are offered in English in such fields as Music Therapy, Project Management, Stress Management, and Poverty and Social Work.

Excursions to cities and landmarks throughout Germany include Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Weimar, the River Rhine, and to the Ruhr Metropolis. You will have the chance to see famous sights and learn about Germany's history and culture.

City, Country 

Fulda, Germany


Summer - 6 credits

Fall & Spring - 12-18 credits

Winter - 3 credits


Summer 2014 Term: Depart July 19th, 2014.
Orientation begins July 20th, 2014.
Classes begin July 21st, 2014.
Classes end August 14th, 2014.
Depart August 16th, 2014.

Fall 2014 Term: Social Work Program - Depart August 30th, 2014.
Orientation begins September 1st.
Program ends December 19th, 2014.
Depart December 20th, 2014.

Winter 2015 Term: January 3, 2015 - January 31, 2015 (please note that dates may interfere with spring semester at many SUNY campuses)

Spring 2015 Dates: TBA (see below for Spring 2014 dates)

Spring 2014 Term: March 15, 2014 - July 20, 2014
Orientation begins March 17th, 2014.
Classes begin March 24th, 2014.
Classes end on July 18th, 2014.
Depart July 20th, 2014.

Academic Year: Please ask for exact dates.


2.5 GPA

Application Deadline

Summer 2014 Admission: April 1, 2014

Fall 2014 Admission: April 15, 2014

Winter 2015 Admission: October 15, 2014

Spring 2015 Admission: October 15, 2014

Please submit the following by the application deadline:

The Course Approval Form (due May 1st) is to be submitted by SUNY Cortland students only. Non-Cortland students must speak with their home campus study abroad office for information on the course approval process.

Non-Cortland students must return completed Judicial Review and Code of Conduct forms along with the SUNY application.

Travel Information

Flight booked by participant. Participants will fly into Frankfurt and take the ICE train for one hour to arrive in Fulda. Participants will be met at the Fulda train station by Fulda University representatives.

Summer 2014 Travel Dates:

Departure Date from U.S.: July 19, 2014

Departure Date from Fulda: August 16, 2014

Fall 2014 Social Work Program Travel Dates:

Departure Date from U.S.: August 30th, 2014

Departure Date from Fulda: December 20th, 2014

Spring 2015 Travel Dates:

 Spring Departure Date from U.S.: TBA

 Spring Departure Date from Fulda: TBA

Winter 2015 Travel Dates:

 Winter Departure Date from U.S.: January 3, 2015

 Winter Departure Date from Fulda: January 31, 2015

Program Costs

Summer 2014: 6 credits - Budget **Tentative and Subject to Change**

Fall 2014: Social Work Program - Budget **Tentative and Subject to Change**

Winter 2014: 3 credits - Budget **Tentative and Subject to Change**

Spring 2014: 12 to 15 credits - Budget **Tentative and Subject to Change**

Accepted students will receive an updated budget as a part of their acceptance packet.

Fulda University of the Applied Sciences summer and semester programs qualify for the Exchange Award, which can result in considerable savings on the total program cost. The Exchange Award is available to SUNY Cortland students only. Please contact International Programs to obtain an application for the award and an exchange budget for this program.

Program Course Information

Fulda University in Germany offers several options to study throughout the year in a variety of academic fields.  You can participate in a four-week summer, taking one German language course and two seminars taught in English or German covering topics ranging including Music Therapy, Project Management, German Literature and Culture, Marketing, Health and Nutrition, and Social Work. The two week winter program offers a course in Global Management, along with German language instruction and a New Year's Eve trip to Berlin.

In the fall, you can enroll in a four-month program entitled "Social Work in an International Context and Intercultural Competences in Theory and Practice."  This 15-credit program consists of several Social Work course modules, German language study, and a field-based internship.  The language of instruction for the modules and internship placement is in English.  Participants will first take a one-month orientation module, after which they will be joined by German students in their courses and internship placements.   

In the spring term, you can also design individualized programs of study, choosing from the course offerings of eight academic departments with more than 30 study programs.  You will have access to both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, many of which are taught in English.

Semester Course Offerings in English (Note - 'wise' = Fall Semester, 'suse' = Spring Semester)

Brochure of English Language Courses


Fulda provides accomodation in university dormitories, in shared or single apartments, and in host families. The university residences are located in downtown Fulda, within walking distance of dining, supermarkets, and the university. Fulda also has a convenient public transportation system.

Host Websites

Summer Program:   Fulda University of Applied Sciences (ISU Fulda)

Semester Program: Hochschule Fulda: University of Applied Sciences

Winter Program: Hessen International Winter University (IWU Fulda)

Photo Gallery

Student Mentors

Lyla Shaibi, Summer 2012 -