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Dingle Summer Art - Exhibition

Dingle, Ireland: SUNY Students

October 23rd through November 14th

This exhibit is the works of 17 students from SUNY schools around NYS who traveled this past summer for a month-long trip to Dingle, Ireland.  The students were part of an international studies program taught by Professor Emeritus George Dugan.  This program is offered by SUNY Cortland's James M. Clark Center for International Education and embarks every summer from the end of May until the end of June.  Students who attend receive 6 credits in both painting and drawing.

Painting and drawing in Dingle, Ireland are challenging and overpowering experiences in the fantastically beautiful. The peninsula of Dingle is on the southwest coast of Ireland. The town is a fascinating fishing village that is both captivating and picturesque., and the surrounding landscape has some of the most stunning images in the entire country.  Dingle offers a great variety of subjects from the brightly painted storefronts, to the ragged coastline and the ever-present blue mountains.

The students work in the open air, which can often be a formidable task because of changes in the weather, shifting light, and the wind that is constantly blowing. However, it is also most rewarding to face such challenges in the course of producing art.  When looking at the paintings, you will notice that many of the works are rather small in scale. This size is because of the complex dictates of painting out-of-doors. Everyone is encouraged to work in a modest scale, along with limited (palette) colors so they might capture only some essence of the complex views. They are encouraged to work fast and spontaneously and not to become too detailed and complicated since the weather conditions will not allow for meticulous work. Everyone who attends the Dingle painting program always returns with a lifetime of memories.

The Beard Gallery is a collaboration between the Cortland Downtown Partnership, the Cultural Council of Cortland County, and SUNY Cortland. The gallery space is open weekdays between the 10 am and 4 pm.


Dingle Summer Art Exhibition at the Beard Gallery