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Exchange students holding Australian flag Stepping out of the Syracuse airport into temperatures that I didn't even know existed, I suddenly found myself second guessing this decision and wishing I was back home at the beach. Five months later I can now look back at my time in Cortland as an incredible experience. I have made great friends and although our two countries are so similar, I have immersed myself in everything "USA." From Superbowl parties, to Phantom on Broadway, to cheering on the mighty Red Dragons at the stadium, to the infamous Monroe Fest, I have  enjoyed some magnificent times. My fondest memories come from Greek Peak, and the many days I spent carving the slopes on the snowboard with friends. My academic experience was second to none, with some great relationships made with the friendly staff here at Cortland. Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way and "Let's go Cortland!"

– Lachlan Cahir
SUNY Cortland, Spring 2009
Exchange student, Ballarat University
pictured with Bradley Higgins, exchange student, USC, Australia

Student from China with domestic students


First I lived in Whitaker Hall last semester and really loved it. It felt like a big family and the staff there were outstanding. Second, I have had wonderful academic experiences with my professors and classmates. I learned different ways of study which are never used in China. Finally, I would like to give my appreciation to all the staff members of the Clark Center for International Education.

– Jinhang "Blake" Xue
SUNY Cortland Spring-Fall 2008
Capital Normal University


This is my first year in the United States and at SUNY Cortland. Before I came here, what showed in my brain are the images of diversity American life presented by those Hollywood movies. However, SUNY Cortland is a totally different "society." During the advisors gave me a lot of help. They told me how to life better life here...I made a lot of friends too...I went to Boston, New York City and Niagara Falls this semester and definitely had a lot of fun. It's a totally different experience besides study, isn't it? Last but not least, I want to say thanks to everyone's you who make my life in Cortland so colorful.

– Qinshui Zuo
SUNY Cortland 2008-2009
Capital Normal University


Student from Germany

From my international perspective, I would like to encourage you to (keep) fostering diversity in the future-even with the little things in everyday work and life situations. The power of humans with different interests and backgrounds is not to be underestimated, accompanied with the courage to make a change/start something new. I really enjoyed my time as an international student at Cortland and I am thankful to have had that chance. Again, thank you very much and continue to challenge your thinking in the future.

– Ole Schilke
SUNY Cortland 2007-2008
Graduate student from Hamburg, Germany


Student from AustraliaCortland was an aspect of my life I will never forget. I'm so grateful for the friends I made and the kindness I encountered from both students and staff. Cortland wasn't what I expected, but it definitely left a positive impression. For me, the most valuable aspects of my learning at Cortland cannot be attributed to text books or specific classes, but rather the lessons learned from the overall experience.

– Rikki Lancaster
SUNY Cortland Fall 2008
University of the Sunshine Coast