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Faculty Advising for Study Abroad

Study abroad allows students to explore the world for a summer, winter session, semester, or a year while earning credit.  Students are eligible to choose from over 600 SUNY programs, virtually anywhere in the world, and in a range of disciplines. Students may attend a college or university, participate in an internship, student teach, or join a short-term specialized program.  Students who study abroad describe their experiences as life changing. Surveys that have explored the long-term impact on a student’s personal, professional, and academic life show that the experience positively influences their career paths, world-view, and self-confidence. Students return with enhanced interest in academic study, a greater understanding of their own cultural values and biases, and skill sets that have positively influenced their careers. In most cases, studying abroad will not delay degree completion.

Faculty Academic Advisors are often called upon to motivate students to study abroad, discuss study abroad options, evaluate courses for academic credit, and advise return study abroad students. This translates into advisors needing knowledge, tools, and resources. The International Programs Office is available to support academic advisors in their work with students before, during, and after a study abroad experience. The following information and resources, although not all inclusive, should assist you as you advise students. For additional questions or information please feel free to contact the SUNY Cortland International Programs Office.

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