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Multicultural Council

Mission Statement

The Multicultural Council promotes and sustains inclusive excellence by creating an environment where all are valued, develop their full potential and contribute to the success of the campus and the community.

Vision Statement

To be recognized for educational leadership, service and citizenship by infusing justice, equity, diversity and respect throughout the campus.


  1. Promote inclusiveness through academic excellence across the campus community
  2. Improve the multicultural climate at SUNY Cortland and the Cortland community
  3. Coordinate and collaborate on policies for diversity related activities on campus
  4. Ensure all forms of professional development are consistent with the mission of the Council
  5. Review, support and advocate for access to grievance structures related to the unfair and/or biased treatment of, but not limited to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability
  6. Provide leadership for an ongoing dialog which values and acknowledges that learners have multiple identities where race and ethnicity intersect with gender, class, sexual orientation, national/regional origin, ability and religion. -- from Making Excellence Inclusive, AAC&U, p.v.

Composition of Council

Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs (To include Prov., Dean, faculty from each School, Director of Athletics, Assoc. Prov.)

Vice President for Student Affairs (To include VP, Director of EOP, Director of Residence Life and Housing, Chief of Police, Assistant Director of Campus Activities)

Vice President for Finance and Management  (1)

Vice President for Institutional Advancement (1)

President’s Office   (1)

Student Representatives  (minimum of 2)

Community Members   (up to 3)

Director of Multicultural Life

Director of CGIS

Affirmative Action Officer