SGA Elections

General Election Information

SGA's long-awaited election has concluded and our new eboard has been selected by the student body. Thanks go out to all who voted.


The president is the chair of the Executive Board and the top representative of the student government to the world, and is responsible for generally overseeing the day-to-day operations of the executive branch. Our new president is Callie Humphrey, Callie's video introduction, Callie's answers to questions (PDF)


Vice President

The vice president chairs Senate meetings, reviews internal processes and procedures, and oversees the creation, dissolution, and reinstatement of clubs. SGA's new vice president is Ardesian Binjakaj.

Chief Financial Officer

The chief financial officer chairs the Financial Board, and oversees all Student Government finances and expenditures, including expenditures requested by all SGA clubs. SGA's new Chief Financial Officer is Chelsea Grate, Chelsea's video introduction, Chelsea's answers to questions (PDF)