Holiday Toy Drive

Holiday Toy Drive 2010

It is the mission of the SUNY Cortland SGA Community Holiday Toy Drive to use a community effort to raise money, and provide toys for local CAPCO Head start children. The overall goal is to build campus community relationships by providing a holiday gift to the underserved population of Cortland County. We would like to use all resources in the community and get everyone involved.


1. Raise money, approximately $6,800 to provide gifts to 275 children ages less than 1 year to five years old.

2. We will receive a wish list from CAPCO, buy the gifts, wrap them, and deliver them to the classrooms.

3. Use a variety of campus and community partnerships to fundraise.

4. Raise awareness about needs of the community that we live in.

5. Begin a partnership between SUNY Cortland SGA and Cortland CAPCO Head Start.

6. Establish the toy drive as an annual event on the Cortland Community.