Executive Assistant to the President - SUNY Cortland

Executive Assistant to the President

Fionna Esperanza

Fionna Esperanza is a senior At SUNY Cortland, studying Criminology with a minor in Psychology. She holds a background degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Fionna moved to New York from Pennsylvania to pursue her education.  After a successful internship last semester through SUNY at the Aid to Victims of Violence program, she took a job as a Crisis Intervention Counselor and Advocate Educator, taking the role of immediate crisis intervention assistance, court and legal assistance, and support for victims of crime ranging from robbery, assault, to rape and domestic violence. She runs several support groups ranging from college age and above, aiding women and victims of intensive trauma and crime, as well as promoting the anti-bullying afterschool programs in several elementary schools. She now attends school part time nights to finish her degree. Fionna also does volunteer advocacy for Love 146, an internationally recognized non-profit organization, working to abolish sex trafficking and modern day slavery. Fionna has spent time studying in Costa Rica, and has volunteered in the orphanages in San Jose, CR.  Last February, Fionna organized a fundraiser for the child victims of sex trafficking and modern day slavery, and raised 1500 dollars to be sent to safe houses and feeding shelters in the Philippines.  This winter she will be traveling to Port Au Prince to aid the orphanages in Haiti in humanitarian relief.  Fionna is also on the Equestrian Club and is dedicated to the Student Government Association. She is looking forward to utilizing her time to excel as the Executive Assistant to the President.