Art Exhibition Association (A.E.A.)

The Art Exhibition Association's goal is to expose art and non art students to art. We do this by going on field trips to art galleries and museums. Many of places we want to or have gone to is Ithaca, Syracuse, Corning, New York City, Buffalo, and Philadelphia. We have collaborated in the past with other clubs, ex The Chemistry Club, and we plan and are open to collaborations in the future. During meetings, we have group critiques of student artists of all skill levels. We make art by drawing in sketch books and taking part in the Sumi Ink Club. During the Spring semester the AEA curates and helps set up the Student Select show, where all students can enter artwork for a chance to be shown in the Dowd Gallery in the Fine Arts Building.

Advisor: Erika Fowler- Decatur 

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Mondays at 4:30-5:30 p.m., Dowd Fine Arts Center, Room 232