Non-Traditional Students Organization "NTSO"

Non-Traditional Student Organization

The Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO) is open to all students but is focused on the needs of adult students in our campus community. The mission of this club is to meet the unique goals of students over 24 and those, regardless of age, with dependent children. 

We value the unique experiences non-traditional student bring to our campus and to make our students feel like part of the "traditional campus". Our club hosts social and information events as well as community fundraisers.

All majors and students are welcome and should attend NTSO meetings and events. Students should email to get on the mailing list for meetings and events.

Officers 2015-2016

President: Maegen Stedman
Vice Presiden and SGA Representative: Eli Feathers
Treasurer: Sheryl Holbrook
Secretary: Teresa Mogil

Advisor:  Cheryl Hines, Advisement and Transition
Visit the NTSO Web site under Advisement and Transition for additional information about this organization.

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