Cortland Writers' Association (CWA)

The Cortland Writers Association is a student-run group that promotes creative and professional writing on campus and within the Cortland community. Every semester, CWA aims to produce a magazine that showcases student writing in a wide variety of genres and forms. 

In addition to the production of our biannual magazine, we also hold many literacy/writing-centered events, such as our annual Halloween Reading, book drives/raffles, and a biannual writing retreat held at Raquette Lake. 

CWA is an entity of the PWR and ENG departments, but students of all majors/minors/concentrations are encouraged to join and participate. CWA club members develop their own creativity in our meetings by participating in writing exercises, by work-shopping, and by playing around with word games and other fun activities.

Advisors: Victoria Boynton, English Department

Contact Us:


Mondays at 7 p.m., Corey Union Room 207/208