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Student Government Association

Located in Corey Union, the Student Government Association (SGA) meets to represent students' views within the college.


  • To work effectively as a group in decision making and problem solving.
  • To strengthen relationships with other offices and departments on campus.
  • To get help get people more involved in student government and the campus community as a whole.
  • To increase programming to make ourselves more visible.
  • To increase community involvement.
  • To research other Student Governments to help us to continue to evolve.
  • To continue and improve Winter Formal and Festivus.

SGA funding comes from the Mandatory Activity Fee (MAF). Each student pays the MAF, which is $95 every semester. This allows Student Government to fund over 60 clubs and organizations which exist to educate and create programming to enhance the campus community. Every year the SGA Executive Board sponsors two events that are open to all students, faculty, staff and community members. These events are Winter Formal, and Festivus. Winter formal is an event where students have the opportunity to get all dressed up and enjoy a wonderful night of entertainment. Festivus is an event where the clubs and organizations give back to the campus community and sponsor a day full of games and activities for children around the area. For more information please stop by the SGA office or send us an email at


President Casey Hahl
Vice President
Margaret Rainsford
Treasurer Melissa Dwyer
Vice Treasurer
Gabrielle Magnanti
Executive Assistant
Jesse Campanaro
Executive Assistant to the Vice President Anne Marie Rossi
Public Relations Jenna Boyce
Parliamentarian Mariah Gerty
Secretary Dan Anadio
SGA Office Manager Melissa Root

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