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International Activities


Africana Studies: Professor Seth Asumah organized, established curriculum for, and led students to Ghana during summer 2012 and again in summer 2013.

Art and Art History: Jeremiah Donovan conducted a new study abroad program, Belize Winter Study: History, Culture, and the Arts exploring the ancient ruins of Xunanchunich, CahalPech, and ActunTunichilMuknal. He designed a research project with the San Antonio Women’s Group (an organization of Maya women dedicated to preservation of traditional Maya ways) and Dr. Jaime Awe a pre-eminent archeologist of Belize.

Biological Sciences: Marine Biology (BIO 315) was taught by Dr. Rivest to 24 students during the fall semester.  The course included a two-week travel experience to Belize.  Students gained valuable international experiences by interacting with Belizeans and their culture, learning Mayan history and rainforest ecology, and studying marine biology on the second largest barrier reef on planet Earth.  Joyce Green served as a second instructor/supervisor to students at the marine outpost.

Economics: German Zarate hosted visiting scholar Kagan Ozdemir, from Anadolu University in Turkey during a two-week stay in Fall 2012.

The Dual Degree program in Economics with Izmir Economics University, Turkey, has shifted to a 2+2 model, enabling students to complete their first two years in Turkey followed by two years in Cortland. Izmir has agreed to allow students in the first two years of their regular program to enter the DDP, which may help to recruit additional participants.

The Economics Department has begun conversations with the International Programs office regarding a proposed change to the English requirement for the Dual Degree Program in Business Economics with Anadolou University, Turkey.

English: Victoria Boynton continued to build a collaboration between SUNY Cortland and Anadolu University, Turkey to develop a course for Cortland students to work with international students and to interact in a global context.  Professor Boynton   continued her collaboration with Lian Xu at Capital Normal University.  Boynton’s students in Turkey, Xu’s students in Beijing, and David Franke’s Senior Seminar students at Cortland exchanged writing and reviewed each other’s writing using Blackboard and a wiki.  David Franke, English, received a 2013 COIL Nodal Network grant to involve Professional Writing students in international editing through digital communication with Turkish students, live video feed, and a conference at the New York City Study Abroad Center.

Geography: Richard Hunter received a grant from SUNY Cortland’s Faculty Research Program to spend two weeks in Mexico collecting data for an NSF grant proposal.  Scott Anderson spent his sabbatical in Costa Rica working on a research project.

History: In April 2013 Interim Clark Center Director Gigi Peterson visited Fulda University in Germany and met with administrators, faculty, and staff involved in programs that are serving international students.  One of Peterson’s students attended Fulda in Fall 2012 and another Cortland student attended in spring 2013.

Modern Languages:  Professor Hongli Fan,  incorporated an online project into ESL 300, Theoretical Foundations of Teaching English as a Second Language. TESL majors at SUNY Cortland exchanged emails with Chinese students at Capital Normal University (a sister school with an exchange program with Cortland) on topics including American and Chinese cultures.

Philosophy: Sebastian Purcell and Philosophy Chair Andrew Fitz-Gibbon arranged for Armando Santa Ana to serve as a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Ethics Peace and Social Justice (CEPS).       

Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Philosophy, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Mecke Nagel, Philosophy, was a DAAD Visiting Professor at Hochschule Fulda, Germany.

Psychology: Five students studied abroad during 2012-13. The department hosted a Visiting Research Scholar, Dr. Martin Graff, from the University of South Wales in April 2013. Dr. Graff conducted research with Dr. Peggy Anderson, gave two open talks and two class talks. 

Sociology/Anthropology: 22 majors and minors from the department studied abroad in 6 countries over the past year.  Craig Little, Sociology and Anthropology, is active with the SUNY Global Center's Collaborative On-Line International Learning (COIL) initiative. He teaches distance learning classes in Belarus, Russia, and Australia.




Seth Asumah developed the first ever faculty-led study abroad program/course in Africa,
“SUNY in Africa: Ghana Summer Abroad” in collaboration with the University of Ghana.
This course attracted 17 SUNY Cortland students from 14 different majors to participate
in ethnographic research in Ghana.

The Economics department hosted a visit by Professor Kagan Ozdemir from Anadolu University, who taught two courses in fall 2011.

The Gospel Choir (AAS 241) has travelled to England, Germany, Belgium, and the
Netherlands and the Choir is in the process of fundraising to travel overseas next year.

The China Summer Study program headed by Professor Donovan included explorations of the three major
porcelain places of origin, Jingdezhen, Haungshan, Longquan and Li Shiu. Cortland
students had numerous opportunities to work directly with their Chinese counterparts.
An exhibition was curated in Jindezhen, China, which included work from six visiting
SUNY Cortland students.

Hongli Fan, Modern Languages, was awarded a 2012 SUNY Nodal Network Collaborative Online 
International Learning (COIL) Course and Module Faculty Development Grant for her initiative 
and ideas in integrating globally networked course elements. 
Dr. Syed Pasha conducted site visits to India and Turkey in support
of Study Abroad program development efforts. While abroad he met with a variety of civic,
educational, and government leaders. 

This year thirteen International Studies majors studied abroad in Costa Rica, France, Ghana, Germany, Ireland, Spain, and Romania. One student won the Atlantis Grant to study in Romania.  

Susan Peterson, Modern Languages,  led the Cuernavaca study abroad program between fall
and spring semesters this past year.


In 2010-11 alone  eight International Studies majors studied abroad in Argentina, Costa Rica, Senegal, Azerbaijan, France, and Rwanda. 

Dr. Mecke Nagel, Philosophy, has helped to establish a Memorandum of Understanding between SUNY Cortland and Fulda University in Fulda, Germany.

Students from Anadolu University in Turkey continue to impress in the Cortland TESOL program.

A new exchange program has been developed in partnership with University of Ghana beginning in 2009.

Dr. John Hartsock, Communication Studies, was awarded a Visiting Professorship at the University of Paris, where he taught in September and October 2010.

Dr. Zarate (Economics), Mary Schlarb, and Dr. O'Callaghan (Arts and Sciences) traveled to Turkey to paricipate in a SUNY DDP (Dual Diploma Program) conference. They also visited our exchange partners in Izmir and Anadolu University

The SUNY Cortland Gospel Choir traveled to Europe, with performances in England, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.  Closer to home the Choir has also performed in Canada.

Jeremiah Donovan and Vaughn Randall routinely bring students to China for a summer art program.

Dr. Steven Broyles has developed a new course in Neotropical biology that includes a field trip to Costa Rica. Biology courses are also taught in Belize.

The Economics department has hosted visiting scholars from China and Turkey. The Economics department has also co-sponsored an economics conference with faculty in Izmir University of Economics—the conference is held in Cortland and Izmir in alternate years.

Through the work of  Dr. Ralph Dudgeon Cortland received National Endowment for the Arts  support for a visit from the Chinese ballet Troupe from Capital Normal University, Beijing.

Dr. Tom Pasquarello coordinates the Belize Zoo project and has traveled to Belize with groups of students.

Dr. Henry Steck continued his involvement with the Project on Eastern and Central Europe and made presentations at the Alliance of Universities for Democracy (AUDEM) annual conference in Baku, Azerbaijan.  

Cortland has established a dual degree exchange program that will bring business economics students from Turkey’s Izmir University of Economics to Cortland.


A number of faculty from Arts and Sciences joined a contingent of faculty from SUNY Cortland visiting Capital Normal University in Beijing, China. The faculty were hosted by CNU as part of an effort to revitalize our long partnership with that university.

Professor Barbara Wisch, Art and Art History, lectured and worked at the University of Sydney, Australia, supported in part by a National Endowment for the Humanities grant.

Professors Jeremiah Donovan and Vaughn Randall, Art and Art History, traveled to China to study Chinese art and culture.

Professors Broyles, Rivest, (Biological Sciences) Miller (Geography) and Pasquarello (Political Science) continued to take students to Belize for Winter session courses in Marine Biology, and Ecology and Economy of Belize.

The Department of Economics hosted Professor Ayla Ogus from Izmir University of Economics to discuss further developments in the dual diploma program.

Professor Jiguo Xia, Professor of History at Capital Normal University in Beijing, China was a visiting scholar hosted by the Department of History.

Professor Paul Van der Veur, Communications Studies, spent the Fall semester on a Fulbright Scholarship in Namibia. He produced a number of educational videos and a DVD on the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

SUNY Cortland's chapter of Phi Beta Delta, the international honor society, held its second annual induction ceremony.
Arial shot of the Stadium Complex

Professor Mohammed Ghouse Nasuruddin was a Fulbright Scholar in Residence and visiting artist from Malaysia, hosted by the Department of Performing Arts. He gave a number of performances and lectures during his stay.

Professor Wenying Li, Director of the Jingdezhen SanBao Ceramic Art Institute, China gave workshops on ceramics. Her visit was sponsored by the Department of Art and Art History.

Professor Jeremiah Donovan, Art and Art History, traveled to China as a Chancellor's Awardee for Internationalization to study Chinese art and culture. The award supported the development of a study abroad program for students.

The Department of Economics co-sponsored, with Izmir University of Economics, an International Conference on Economic and Human Resources. Dean Prus and Professor Haight traveled to Izmir in May to participate in the conference.

The International Studies program, coordinated by Dr. Sharon Steadman continues to grow. There are currently over 40 declared majors in the program.


With thanks to Dr. Henry Steck, Director of the James M. Clarke Center for International Education. His 2005 summary of international activities college-wide is the basis for this group of highlights:

  • Exchange program in Turkey. Recent agreements have been established to bring TESOL students from Anadolu University in Turkey --Turkish students will be entering a dual degree program starting in the fall of 2006.
  • Masters students from Pultusk University in Poland will join Cortland students in the TESOL program next year.
  • The Department of International Communications and Culture recently received approval from SUNY to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL).
  • Professor Jeremiah Donovan (Art) continues his coursework in China each summer, bringing Cortland students to study ceramic arts in Jingdezhen.
  • Through the development of Dr. Donovan’s network in China, a distinguished Chinese ceramicist, Jackson Li, served as a Teacher in Residence in the Spring of 2005.
  • The International Communications and Culture Department has expanded its range of language courses to include both Italian and Arabic.
  • With the help of a major grant from the Department of State, Cortland’s Political Science Department will conclude, in the fall of 2005,  a three-year exchange relationship with the University of Nis in Serbia. Several distinguished Serbian faculty have visited the Cortland campus, providing guest lectures on a varitey of issues related to government and development in Eastern Europe.  Cortland faculty have been major participants each year in a Summer Institute for graduate students offered in Nis.
  • Two of Cortland’s online journals feature extensive coverage of international issues and cross-national collaboration. Neo-Vox  is a student-run online general-interest magazine headquartered on the Cortland campus; students from around the world also contribute. At present Neo-Vox has desks in Australia (University of the Sunshine Coast), Peru (Peruvian Institute of Advertising-IPP), Romania (Babes-Bolyai University), Slovakia (Janos Selye University Centre) and Venezuela (VEN-USA Language Institute).  A second journal, Wagadu, is devoted to transnational issues involving women and gender studies. Wagadu is edited by Professor Mechthild Nagel (Philosophy), assisted by faculty in Political Science, Communication Studies, Geography, Art and English.
  • Over 50 foreign students entered Cortland in the fall of 2005, a new record for our international student population.
  • Through Cortland’s Project on Eastern and Central Europe (PECE) two “Junior Faculty Development Program” faculty, sponsored by the American Council on International Education, have taught on our campus:  Prof. Larissa Titarenko from Belarus State University and Prof. Ilie Rad a visiting professor of Journalism from Romania.
  • With the benefit of online course management software, several Cortland classes have been made available around the world. Dr. Craig Little (Sociology) has offered a Sociology course uniting students in three campuses: Cortland, Belarus State University, and Moscow State University.  Dr. Henry Steck (Political Science) has participate in a SUNY Learning Network (SLN) course linking Fredonia with London Metropolitan University.
  • Other Cortland courses include Study Abroad as an integral part of the academic experience, e.g., Dr. Steven Broyles (Biology) and Dr. Tom Pasquarello (Political Science) have brought students to Belize to student the relationship between public policy, environment and development.  Similary, Dr. Steck (Political Science) frequently takes students in his “Euro-sim” class to Europe in order to participate in a simulation of European Union government.
  • In 2003-04 Cortland was host to two Fulbright Scholars, Sergei Shirobokov (Russia) and  Zdenka Kalnicka (Slovakia).

International Highlights from prior years.