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In the Schools of Arts and Sciences we pride ourselves on the dedication, talent and skills of our faculty.  The evidence of their excellence takes many forms, including the number of awards they have received for excellence in teaching, service and scholarship/creative activities. Learn more about our outstanding faculty. 

Michael Berzonsky receives the title of Distinguished Professor – one of SUNY’s highest awards.

Recent Profiles

The faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences are active in many ways both in the classroom, where many are acknowledged as among the best teachers in the SUNY system, and in their various research disciplines. While there are many deserving of recognition here, the following faculty members have in recent years received regional, national and/or international recognition for their research accomplishments and their teaching abilities.

Dr. Tiantian Zheng

Professor Zheng

Professor, Department of Sociology/Anthropology
Winner of the 2010 Sara A. Whaley book prize (National Women’s Studies Association).

A prolific researcher in topics that are a minefield of controversy, Tiantian Zheng has in a period of only seven years written four books, one edited journal issue, 14 refereed journal articles, 15 book chapters, and 13 book reviews. On top of that workload she has delivered over 78 talks at academic conferences. She is most proud of her Red Lights ethnography, a text that examines the lives of rural migrant women working in the urban entertainment industry. To understand the situation of these women Tiantian worked as a hostess in a karaoke bar alongside them. .... READ MORE ABOUT DR.TAINTIAN ZHENG 

Dr. Kimberly Kraebel

Professor Kraebel

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
National Institutes of Health grant winner.

She stands five feet two and her research involves the sensory experiences of 3-month-old infants, but this faculty member has made a major contribution to the research environment at SUNY Cortland.... READ MORE ABOUT DR. KIMBERLY KRAEBEL

Dr. Terrence D.  Fitzgerald

fitzgerald imageProfessor, Department of Biological Sciences
SUNY Distinguished Professor

It began innocently enough as a research assistantship studying an aphid in North Carolina. It blossomed into a fascination with the lives of caterpillars.  A PhD in entomology quickly followed.  Now he has more than 30 years of research experience on hand, and his passion for understanding caterpillars has not waned.  Along the way Dr. Terrence Fitzgerald  has inspired dozens of his own student assistants, he has traveled the globe, and he has recalibrated our understanding of "social" insects.  Numerous publications and prestigious grants attest to his productivity and expertise.  And then there's the mystery of the cyanide, the caterpillar and Kentucky's foal crisis.  .... READ MORE ABOUT DR. TERENCE D. FITZGERALD

Dr. Herbert H. Haines

Herbert Haines imageProfessor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
SUNY Research Foundation Award for Exemplary Contributions to Research and Scholarship

He has twenty-five years of experience studying American social movements. He is widely recognized as an expert on the anti-death penalty movement. He has explored the impact of extremists on the fate of mainstream groups and their goals. So why is he now talking about "bridge units"? READ MORE ABOUT DR. HERBERT H. HAINES


Dr. Peter Ducey

Peter Ducey imageProfessor, Biological Sciences
SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
SUNY Research Foundation Award for Exemplary Contributions to Research and Scholarship

"Science is an amazingly powerful tool for understanding our universe and ourselves," says Dr. Pete Ducey, professor of Biological Sciences. He continues, "Many people are surprised to learn that doing science is not about reclusive geniuses making discoveries alone, but it's about direct and indirect collaborations among investigators, past, present, and future. Science progresses when we learn from the research done before us, exchange ideas with other researchers, help to train the next generations of scientists, and share with the general public what we've learned." Pete Ducey's career is all about such collaborations. READ MORE ABOUT PETER DUCEY

Prof. Jeremiah Donovan

donovan imageProfessor, Art and Art History
SUNY Chancellor's Award for Internationalization

Passion and curiosity have taken Jeremiah Donovan a long way from the green fields of upstate New York. His reputation as one of the country's top ceramicists is well established, his work has been exhibited across the United States and as far away as China and Korea. The desire to understand traditional pottery forms and processes has led to the development of rich relationships with colleagues in China. The result has been a boon for Cortland students who work in his studio and who venture to China on one of his many study-abroad adventures. READ MORE ABOUT PROF. JEREMIAH DONOVAN

Dr. Timothy J. Baroni

baroniimage1.JPG (58885 bytes)Professor of Biological Sciences
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Rozanne Brooks Dedicated Teaching Award
Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship
Cortland's Outstanding Achievement in Research Award

Tim admits that biology was not his first love, he was really hoping to break into major league baseball by being scouted in college, and at least playing a few years in the minors . READ MORE ABOUT DR. TIMOTHY J. BARONI

Dr. Denise D. Knight

knightimage1.JPG (54917 bytes)Professor of English
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship

Denise has been instrumental in promoting scholarly interest in the American author and socialist Charlotte Perkins Gilman, whose most famous story, "The Yellow Wall Paper," is now standard fare in undergraduate literature classes ..... READ MORE ABOUT DR. DENISE D. KNIGHT

Dr. Robert J. Spitzer

spitzerimage1.JPG (41324 bytes)Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science
Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship
Cortland’s Outstanding Achievement in Research Award

Bob credits George W. Bush’s presidency with providing him with the idea that American law, and the Constitution, are more, not less, relevant to understanding the American presidency than ever. This idea contradicts the conventional wisdom that the president’s formal, constitutional powers are of little importance when compared to the many political sources of power employed by modern presidents ..... READ MORE ABOUT DR. ROBERT J. SPITZER

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