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Service-Learning at SUNY Cortland

Service Learning Group

SUNY Cortland offers service-learning courses is in all three of its schools: The Schools of Liberal Arts, Professional Studies, and Education. 

In the 2012-2013 academic year, forty-three faculty members across twenty departments taught sixty-two courses through service-learning methodology.

Courses included:

Introduction to New Media

Writing Studies in the Community 

Critical Media Literacy

Perspective on Disabilities: Children, Families, and Communities

Field TV Production

Introduction to Urban Education

Prisons and Punishment

Teaching Reading in the Second Language Classroom

Dance and Individuals with Disabilities

Community Health

Intermediate Computer Applications

Strategic Management

Writing Studies in the Community

Business Writing

Camp Leadership

Administration of Recreation


Important Statistics

Last year, one thousand and nine hundred and sixty-seven students dedicated 77,436 hours of service to the community; 1,251 of those students gave at least twenty hours each.