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Designing School Partnerships

Designing School-Based Partnerships

Timothy Davis, Physical Education


The principles below grow out of research into, and experience with, designing and conducting Adapted Physical Education school-based partnerships, especially in situations caused by unfunded mandates.  However, these principles apply to school-based partnerships in general.



1.         Engage people in meaningful and mutually-beneficial relationships.

  1. Communicate essential aspects of individual and group desires.
  2. Design a reciprocal process in which all parties play an equal role.
  3. Treat all individuals equally through civic responsibility.

2.       Address community needs that are identified by the community.  In times of tight budgets, those needs can grow from unfunded mandates.

3.       Design projects that achieve “win/win/win” situations.

4.       Create innovative solutions that involve multidisciplinary thinking. 

5.       Promote characteristics associated with developing compassionate communities.

6.       Incorporate sustainability into the project design.

7.       In applying for grants, one key element is “knowing how to present the ‘why’”:  Phrase your need statement in a way that shows benefits for the community while addressing the grantor’s interests.