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Leadership House Curriculum Development Stipends

Click here to download the application in PDF format

Stipends Available: 

Workshop Development: Awards for the development and facilitation of one two-hour workshop in the fall of 2010 for our Leadership House Living Learning Community Participants are $500.00 each. These stipends are to be used over the summer of 2010. Workshop development will include creation of curricular materials that will become the property of ICE’s Building Community Leaders program for continuing the program. Workshops must be in one of the following topic areas: ethics and values in leadership; communication, interpersonal relationships, and group dynamics; understanding and negotiating organizational structures and cultures; multiculturalism, the global community and social change. Workshops should be constructed to be consistent with the Social Change Model of Leadership. More information about this model can be found at Look for the Building Community Leaders button on the left.

One-credit Leadership Course: A stipend in the amount of $1,697 is available to a faculty or staff member interested in overseeing a one-credit special topics course in the area of Leadership Development for our Leadership House Living Learning Community student participants. The instructor will meet with students to provide an overview of the Social Change Model of Leadership, organize and attend the four workshops that will be offered in the fall 2010 semester by participating faculty members (as described in the previous section of this application), track student progress toward completing other requirements of the Leadership House Living Learning Community program, e.g., required involvement in campus events, and lead discussions with students about their leadership development. The instructor will provide a total of 15 contact hours over the fall 2010 semester.

CPV (Internship) Coordinator. A stipend in the amount of $2,800 will be available for a faculty or staff member to coordinate a 3-credit internship for the Leadership House Living Learning Community students in the spring 2011 semester. This internship will be with a community agency or organization. Each internship will involve 120 hours of service on the part of each of the participants. The CPV Coordinator will oversee internship placements, link students with community mentors for their internship experience, hold periodic meetings of participants to help them process their learning from the internship experience and reinforcing the Social Change Model of Leadership, and review the papers students will write near the end of the semester to integrate their experience with what they have been learning about leadership over the course of the academic year.